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Child Sustainability - How technology addictions are killing our children, and what to do about it


By Cris Rowan


An 8 year old child was explaining how he got his "life" back after being killed when playing Grand Theft Auto V video game, and relayed he had to pick up a prostitute in his car, take her to an alley, watch the car "jump up and down", and then he got his life back. Three 7 year old boys were "humping" a girl on the playground at recess, and when asked what they were doing, reported "I don't' know". Two ten year olds were standing by the road, and when a car drove by, thrust their hips repeated as the car passed; a girl of same age stood by watching. What is disturbing about all 3 of these scenarios, is that these children were unknowingly engaging in sexual acts, and in the last two cases, acting out sexually toward or with little girls.


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Cris in the News




CKNW News Talk AM 980 Jill Bennett show interview with Cris Rowan, talking about Tech Toys for Tweens, Good or Bad? on November 30, 2014.




Interview with Cris Rowan by Lisa Fraser from SnugVest about sensory integration and Cris's Zone'in, Move'in and Unplug'in Programs
Inside the Spectrum - Episode 6 with Cris Rowan, Occupational Therapist 




Look for Cris's article 'Tech Neglect - Disconnect from technology and reconnect with children to treat technology addictions' appearing in Holistic Parenting magazine, Issue No.7, January/February  2015




Huffington Post has recorded over 2 million Facebook likes for Cris Rowan's article 10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12.


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Foundation Series Workshop Schedule


January 22, 2015 - Courtney BC
Workshop on impact of technology on children with FASD sponsored by Wachiay Friendship Centre
Contact person: Allison Abraham 250-338-7793


February 5, 6, 2015 - Rivers Inlet, BC

Workshops on self-regulation, literacy, technology balance, and attachment, sponsored by Vancouver Coastal Health grant

Contact person: Kevin Gianakos 1-250-949-8881


February 19, 2015 - New York NY
Workshop on the impact of technology on children and parents sponsored by Toppan Printing Company Inc.
Contact person: Sarah Reilly 201-518-9715


March 6, 2015 - Vancouver, BC

Workshop on school design for success sponsored by Cross Currents Special Education Conference

Contact person: Mary Berg 


Research and News Review


Childhood Development


Support Healthy Brain Development: Implications for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 

By Erik Peper, Ph.D. published in Somatics

In class, he fidgets, every auditory and visual stimulus distracts him-he gets up, talks to other students and disrupts the class. Nothing seems to hold his attention; he looks at the page and moments later turns around and disturbs the boy behind him. At home, he grabs his food and leaves the table. He is continuously distracted. The only things that seem to capture his attention are his computer games.


2014 Report Card on the Physical Activity of Children and Youth: Is Canada in the Running?
Published by Active Healthy Kids Canada
This is the 10th anniversary from Active Healthy Kids Canada of the most current and comprehensive annual assessment of the physical activity of children and youth in Canada. For the first time, this Report Card reveals how Canada stacks up against 14 other countries.

What is Your Child's E-Q?

By Melanie Hempe

Empathy is the ability to share and understand another's feelings. Relating to other people is one of the most critical developmental steps that your child needs to master during early stages of his childhood.  Since empathy is a skill that he is not born with it must be taught, learned and then practiced. It is important for mom and dad to be aware of their child's progress and purposefully model this; talk about it with him and find ways for him to get better at it.


Maggie Daley Park
Maggie Daley Park will transform the sites of Daley Bicentennial Plaza into a single continuous public landscape that will operate at a variety of scales, serve a growing residential community, and join Millennium Park as a new international destination on the Chicago lakefront. A goal of the project is to design the park to be attractive and engaging not only during summer, but also during the spring, fall, and winter seasons.


Tech Addictions & Psychotropic Meds


Is There Really Such A Thing As Internet Addiction?

By Marissa Cabrera, Maureen Cavanaugh, Peggy Pico November 3, 2014

Imagine spending a day or two without access to the internet. Would you be able to do your work? Connect with your friends, or even know what to do with yourself during free time?

When does the internet stop being a great addition to your life, and start becoming your life?

Addiction expert Dr. Andrew Doan of the Naval Medical Center San Diego talks about a co-authored a case study published in the journal Addictive Behaviors. 


FSU shooter like many other killers was on psychiatric drugs  

By Harold Mandel November 22, 2014
In spite of more and more reports of killings taking place across the United States and elsewhere by people under the influence of mind altering psychiatric drugs the psychiatrists continue to prescribe them as if they are candy. Investigative reporter Kelly Patricia O'Meara reported in an article published by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International on Nov. 11, 2014 that the FSU killer was another mass shooter who was on psychiatric drugs.


Prefrontal control and Internet addiction: a theoretical model and review of neuropsychological and neuroimaging findings

By Matthias Brand1, Kimberly S. Young and Christian Laier Published in Human Neuroscience 27 May 2014 | doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2014.00375

Some individuals suffer from a loss of control over their Internet use resulting in personal distress, symptoms of psychological dependence, and diverse negative consequences. This phenomenon is often referred to as Internet addiction. Only Internet Gaming Disorder has been included in the appendix of the DSM-5, but it has already been argued that Internet addiction could also comprise problematic use of other applications with cybersex, online relations, shopping, and information search being Internet facets at risk for developing an addictive behavior.

Over 70 pct of Portuguese youth show signs of Internet addiction: report
Xinhua News Agency November 4, 2014
More than 70 percent of Portuguese people aged between 14 and 25 show signs of Internet addiction, and 13 percent of cases are considered serious enough to cause social isolation and violence, according to a study reported in the local press on Tuesday.
The Harmful Effects of the Digital Age on Kids with Carol the Coach
blogtalkradio November 2014
Child Rearing can be extremely tough in today's digital age. Carol the Coach interviews Hilarie Cash (starts at 15 minutes) who runs a recovery program for indidviduals who are addicted to gaming and other digital medias. She talks to parents about the appropriate limits on time and content as they are introduced to digital media. This includes video games and other content as well. Listen as the founder of reSTART Center shares her expertise with parents. 

Cautionary Tales From People Obsessed With Candy Crush
By Rheana Murray November 6, 2014,
Kimberly Young, a psychologist who studies obsessive Internet use, said it's usually women who get addicted to Candy Crush.
Gamers will know they are addicted if they start ignoring responsibilities like picking the kids up from school or missing deadlines at work, or if they try to hide their habit from worried friends and family, she said.

One Drug or 2? Parents See Risk but Also Hope 

By Alan Schwarz November 14, 2014

Medicating children to address lack of parenting skill is just plain stupid, and we are already seeing devastating consequences. As violence continues to escalate from psychotropic toxicity and vg's/porn, and the effects of profound neglect from tech addicted parents becomes the norm, it is ever more apparent that the ways in which we are raising and educating the new millennium child with technology are no longer sustainable.


Video Games & Porn


Should video games be considered a collegiate sport? I say No...
By Kimberly Young on November 10, 2014
Although the U.S. is lagging behind countries like South Korea, which boasts more than 100 clinics to treat video game addiction, there should great concern about American colleges deeming video games as sport. What may seem like a competitive sport could be masking a deeper problem.


Recognising Addicted and Problematic Gaming
By Ciaran O'Connor November 3, 2014
A look at the signs indicating when someone's gaming habit has become unhealthy.


The New 'Grand Theft Auto' Lets You Have Realistic Sex With Prostitutes
By James Cook November 18, 2014
The new release of Grand Theft Auto V is out today, bringing the game to the next generation of consoles. Now running on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, players can enjoy the game in first-person mode, making it seem as if they're really inside the game.
But eyebrows are already being raised over one part of the new game: First-person sex with prostitutes.


X is for X-Rated
By Zach Brittle, LMHC November 25, 2014
Scientists have been exploring the effects of porn on the body for years, wondering about its impact on everything from brain chemistry and libido to mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and motivation. The general consensus is that it's not good. But porn affects more than just the body.   


Detoxing & Unplugging


Unplug! Your Children's Future Depends On It

By Jennifer Moses October 28, 2014

Our First World reliance on devices means kids aren't experiencing the day-to-day challenge of merely being conscious.


Education Technology


Could WiFi in schools be harming our kids? 

By Naomi Buck The Globe and Mail May 11, 2014
In Canada, the lack of public concern about WiFi exposure in schools seems at odds with a culture of parenting that's often called hypercautious. Here, public awareness on the issue of exposure has been mainly focused on cellphones. The science at play is beyond the reach of most citizens, and many would rather not entertain the possibility that these incredibly useful technologies may pose a risk.

iPads are great for porn and video games - Not so much for learning

By Susan Luzzaro, November 5, 2014

Some Sweetwater librarians, teachers, and parents continue to question whether the district's iPad initiative is a boon or a costly boondoggle. 


A New Film from Learning Matters 

Word on the street is that public school districts are being hijacked by tech-loving, teacher-hating crusaders who are plotting to spend billions on technology. Rumor has it they want computers to replace books, teachers, and even schools. Can this be true? Is there a conspiracy to bring down public schools? Who has the guts to take on this case... and the brains to solve it? Check out The School Sleuth! 


Tech Radiation


Risk of brain cancer can triple after 25 years of cellphone use, study finds 

By Ronnie Cohen November 12, 2014

Swedes who talked on cellphone or cordless phones for more than 25 years had triple the risk of a certain kind of brain cancer compared to those who used wireless phones for less than a year, a new study suggests.


Symposium on Health Issues Associated with the Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Radiation  

Presented by C4ST and Women's College Hospital Toronto - September 12, 2014
On 31st May 2011, IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) the specialized cancer agency of the World Health Organization classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B). During the course of this symposium Dr. Anthony Miller argues the classification should be 2A, probable carcinogenic to humans..


Social Media & Mobile Technology


How tech dependency hurts sales
Communication skills still matter!
By Liz Wendling Posted: November 12, 2014 on Colorado Biz

Liz says "I am all for technology making our businesses better, but where do we draw the line? I challenge you to step away from your toys and build some real relationships. Pick up the phone, connect and have a real conversation. Be that invaluable connection and memorable experience your customers are craving. Remember your success depends on how well you sell, not how well you play with your toys."


The toys that let babies post to Facebook, erm, what?
By Laura Celada on' November 9, 2014
Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Laura Cornet has created a set of toys for babies that allow them to upload their own photos, videos, locations, and activities to social media. Each toy captures visual information or data, which is activated by a child's simple gesture.


This Restaurant Gives a Discount for Putting Your Cell Phone in a Box
By Clint Rainey November 3, 2014
A restaurant in Sioux City, Iowa, is sick of customers plugging away furiously at their phones. Owner Dave Ferris doesn't want the devices cluttering tabletops like horribly ineffective utensils either, which is why at Sneaky's Chicken, servers make the rounds with shoeboxes on Wednesday evenings. Drop your phone in one, and you get 10 percent off your meal. 


Programs, Tools & Techniques


The Boys Adventure Store - JM Cremp's 

JM Cremp's products encourage strong relationships between you and the extraordinary boys in your lives! 


Workplace Ergonomics


Adjust your world to fit you become the unreasonable person 

By Erik Peper November 12, 2014
Having the right equipment and work environment will reduce injury and improve performance. This is true for athletes as well as for people using computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Dr Erik Peper gives a useful practice demonstrating how sitting posture affects strength as well as ergonomic and work-style suggestions to optimize working at the computer.




Child Development


Institute of Digital Media and Child Development

Stimulating a national dialogue on the impact of digital media on children and adolescents through funding, conferences, ongoing forums and publications.  Composed of a collaboration among 160 national experts in the fields of neuroscience, child psychology, child psychiatry, pediatrics, public health, education, communications and many more.  Organizing a conference for the National Academy of Sciences in October, 2015.  Founder:  Pamela Hurst-DellaPietra


Chamakanda Blogs 

Explore the world of the young child with writer, speaker and consultant Stephen Spitalny. Steve was a kindergarten teacher at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School for 24 years and is a former member of the Board of WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America). His book "Connecting with Young Children: Educating the Will" was published in 2012. Steve now offers workshops, coaching and mentoring in the U.S. and around the world.


Fearless Parent 

Fearless Parent is informed by the trends of our time: desire for scientific integrity, deep respect for nature, love and compassion, simplicity, vulnerability and authenticity, passionate activism, and a clear-eyed understanding about business, economics, and politics.


Well Connected Kids 

Great website and resources for parents of infants and toddlers, who want to learn more about the importance of physical and sensory experiences in the early years.
Check out The Children's Mental Health Learning Series, funded by The Government of Alberta, recently broadcasted its eighth session. The sessions posted are:
  • The Core Story of Child Development
  • From Youth at Risk to Kids at Hope
  • Healing the Traumatized Parent and Child
  • Resilience in ADHD: Promoting the Positives in Challenging Children
  • Vicarious Trauma for Front-Line Service Providers and Parents
  • Creating Healthy Relationships and Settings to Prevent Peer Bullying and Victimization
  • Ameliorating psycho-social risk among mothers with intellectual disabilities and their children
  • Baby Steps and Giant Leaps: Infant Preschool Mental Health 

Education Technology 


Struggling Teens 

In 1995, went online as the original website for information about the many schools and programs available for troubled teens. The news and articles listed within this site provide an invaluable resource for both parents and professionals, as well as anyone interested in helping troubled teens find successful paths to adulthood.


Tech Radiation 


New Perspective on Child Development in the Wireless Age  

Information on EMF by Liala Epstein, EMF Expert, Advanced Health Technologies, Canadian Distributor for EarthCalm Products.


Canadians for Safe Technology

Canadians 4 Safe Technology is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based coalition of parents, citizens and experts whose mission is to educate and inform Canadians and their policy makers about the dangers of the exposures to unsafe levels of radiation from technology and to work with all levels of government to create healthier communities for children and families from coast to coast.


Kawartha Safe Technology Initiative 

Kawartha Safe Technology Initiative represents informed citizens including parents, scientists, doctors, engineers, and educators. Our purpose is to raise awareness about, and advocate for, the use of safe, wired technology, rather than the use of wireless technology. This is based on mounting international evidence and warnings from governments, doctors and scientists alike, linking prolonged microwave radiation exposure to serious health effects, particularly for children. 


Programs, Tools and Techniques


YouTube channel to help Moms balancing technology with childhood.


The Glass Cage - Automation and Us

By Nicholas Carr

At once a celebration of technology and a warning about its misuse, The Glass Cage will change the way you think about the tools you use every day.


Infant/Child Mental Health, Early Intervention, and Relationship-Based Therapies. A Neurorelational Framework for Interdisciplinary Practice
By Connie Lillas
A ground breaking neuroscientific understanding of infant and child development, including a CD-ROM with supplementary worksheets, figures and tables.




SensoryTreat illustrations are now available on magnets. They are easy to use by parents and OTs and are ideal for managing a sensory integration home program, also known as a sensory diet.


For Drivers: LifeSaver App
Eliminate Texting & Driving for you or a loved one. This app auto-detects driving and locks down phones.




The Digital Love Industry  


Soon, virtual reality is going to crash into our lives in a way we never even imagined. Now we're nearing the possibility of falling in love with your computer, as meeting your dream partner could be as easy as slipping on Oculus Rift-the most advanced virtual reality headset in the world.


Internet Users Are Getting Younger Every Day
Published on November 11, 2014 
Commercial with tag line "Born for the internet"

3 Parent Mistakes in Dealing with Problem Behaviours and How to Avoid Them: Part One
Published on November 13, 2014 by Jodi Tucker

Many parents have a hard time thinking about development when they are trying to stop something disruptive from happening in the home.  We just want it to stop and honestly we sometimes can't see the forest from the trees.


Shocking Danger of Texting and Driving
Published on June 11, 2014
Volkswagen's 'Eyes On The Road' PSA Highlights The Dangers Of Distracted Driving


Why I stopped watching porn
Published on Oct 26, 2013
Ran Gavrieli lives in Tel Aviv and studies gender at Tel Aviv University. He works with youth and adults all over the country in sex and gender studies and in building positive self image in a world inundated by sexual imagery with negative connotations.


In the Same Room
Published on Nov 26, 2014
Music: "In the Same Room" by Jon Statham. A song to raise awareness about the dangers of the drugs so freely prescribed


Zone'in Products

Sedentary, neglected, isolated, and overstimulated, the new millennium child can no longer pay attention and learn. Zone'in Products are designed by an occupational therapist to enhance child development and learning, ensuring successful futures.


Zone'in - enhancing attention, learning and self-regulation.

Move'in - teaches children to print, the foundation for literacy.

Unplug'in - builds skill and confidence in activities other than technology.

Live'in - media literacy guide for home, school and community.


Product Preview  


Virtual Child - The terrifying truth about what technology is doing to children

Virtual Child

By Cris Rowan, pediatric occupational therapist.

Virtual Child documents the impact technology has had on the developing child, and proposes tools and techniques to manage balance between activities children need for growth and success with technology use. 

Need more info? Visit


About the Author
Cris Rowan is a pediatric occupational therapist committed to enhancing child health and academic performance. Well known activist, speaker, sensory specialist and author, Cris is the "Go To" expert on child learning, development and technology overuse. Cris has provided over 200 workshops for health and education professionals, and is currently developing the Creating Sustainable Futures Program for a First Nations Community.
Training & Consultation

Instructor training for Foundation Series Workshops places pediatric occupational therapists on the cutting edge as experts in the field of technology's impact on child development.

Zone'in Training

Innovative team-based approach to manage balance between activities children need to grow and succeed with technology use.

Cris Rowan is now offering private phone/Skype consultations. 

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