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Gamer Rage & Child Abuse: A Growing Problem Deserving Our Attention

By Melanie Hempe, RN and Andrew Doan, MD PhD from Real Battle Ministries  and Hooked on Games 

The dreaded case for an eye pathologist is to evaluate eyes for non-accidental trauma, also known as child abuse or "shaken baby syndrome". The hallmark signs for non-accidental trauma consists of intra-retinal hemorrhages in numerous retinal layers, hemorrhagic vitreous detachments, and bleeding into the optic nerve. As medical professionals, we screen for child abuse in our clinics and attempt to mitigate factors leading to child abuse in families. Unfortunately, there's one growing cause for child abuse that is being overlooked by our society, rage associated with video gaming.


We compiled a collection of news reports illustrating the problem with gamer rage and childcare....


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Message From Cris


Following the Sandy Hook school shootings, a community group from the city of Edmonton, Alberta decided to have me speak to parents, health and education professionals on the impact of technology on children. Read on to hear their thoughts and reasons for such a bold decision.


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Foundation Series Workshop Schedule


October 28, 29, November 1, 2013 Bella Coola, BC

Foundation Series Workshops for health and education professionals sponsored by Vancouver Coast Health.


Contact person: Sophie Mack, 250-799-5722


November 26, 2013 - Vancouver, BC
Workshop for professionals sponsored by Public Health Agency of Canada and Frog Hollow Neighborhood House 


Contact person: Jennie Hoffman, 604-251-1225

February 21, 2014 - Vancouver, BC

Workshop for education and health professionals on the impact of technology on children; sponsored by Special Education Association of BC.


Contact person: Mary Berg 


April 3, 4, 2014 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Keynote speaker and workshop presenter at annual Autism Conference on the impact of technology on children sponsored by UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Hospital. 


Contact person: Tiffany Cook, 319-368-5742

Research Review

Researchers identify risk factors for addictive video game use among adults

By Neuroscience News on September 23, 2013

New research from the University of Missouri indicates escapism, social interaction and rewards fuel problematic video-game use among "very casual" to "hardcore" adult gamers.


Internet Addiction Test (IAT): Which is the Best Factorial Solution?

By Palmira Faraci, PhD et al from Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, Enna, Italy on October 9, 2013

Study looked at overall structure of the IAT, and findings support both single and two-factor models, with slightly stronger support for the bidimensionality of the instrument.


Development of the game addiction inventory for adults (GAIA)

By Ulric Wong and David Carson Hodgins with the Department of Psychology, University of Calgary, posted online on August 13, 2013. (doi:10.3109/16066359.2013.824565)
AThis study describes the development of the Game Addiction Inventory for Adults (GAIA).


Ulterior Motives - How goals seen and unseen drive behaviors

By Art Markman, Ph.D on March 29, 2010 for Psychology Today

This meta-analysis examined 380 studies that involved over 130,000 participants showing media violence causes aggression.  


Facebook makes us sadder and less satisfied, study finds

By Elise Hu on August 20, 2013 for All Tech Considered

A new University of Michigan study on college aged adults finds that the more they used Facebook, the worse they felt. 


Imaging Study Shows Brain Maturing up to age 25 years

National Institute of Mental Health on May 17, 2004

Graphic imaging studies highlight how gray matter, the working tissue of the brain's cortex, diminishes, likely reflecting the pruning of unused neuronal connections during the teen years. Consider Gary Small's research showing pruning of frontal cortex with technology overuse, resulting in Digital Dementia in youth.


Online game firms need to do more to prevent addiction, say researchers

August 6, 2013 for BBC News Wales

Online game companies need to do more to prevent players becoming too addicted in order to avoid government intervention, a study has warned.


Online pornography to be blocked by default, UK PM announces

July 22, 2013 for BBC News UK Politics
Most households in the UK will have pornography blocked by their internet provider unless they choose to receive it, with David Cameron citing "In the balance between freedom and responsibility we have neglected our responsibility to children". In addition, the prime minister said possessing online pornography depicting rape would become illegal in England and Wales - in line with Scotland.


News Review

Toddlers becoming so addicted to iPads they require therapy

By Victoria Ward on April 21, 2013 for The Telegraph

Children as young as four are becoming so addicted to smartphones and iPads that they require psychological treatment.


Is technology scrambling my baby's brain?

By Ben Popper on September 3, 2013 for The Verge

An insightful father's walk through the decision of exposing his toddler to technology.


The 12 Step E-Tox: How to Curb Your Electronic Device Addiction

By Alina Kalish for Working Mother, interview posted on Huffington Post - Screen Sense on Sept. 19, 2013
A Mom, at the urging of her four children, designed her own 12 step digital detox to unplug herself and be more available for her family.


High Point dad accused of punching, killing baby

By Chanel Davis for High Point Enterprise on May 9, 2013

Prosecutors have said Frazier confessed his role in Khan's death to detectives, detailing in a statement how he "snapped" and punched the baby in the face after the child cried while he was playing video games.  


Washington navy yard gunman Aaron Alexis was obsessed with violent games and suffered mental health issues

By Daily Record on September 18, 2013

Alexis, who was shot dead by police after killing 12 people, was hooked on marathon Call of Duty gaming sessions and always carried a firearm. 


Games fan, 20, 'stole a truck, kidnapped a woman and hit NINE cars to see what it was like to play Grand Theft Auto in real life'

By Lydia Warren for MailOnline on September 24, 2013

A college lacrosse player has been arrested for allegedly stealing a truck, kidnapping a woman and smashing into nine cars before telling a police officer he wanted to see 'what it was really like to play the video game Grand Theft Auto'.


Friends without Benefits

By Nancy Jo Sales on September 26, 2013 for Vanity Fair

81% of youth use social media. Combined with unprecedented easy access to the unreal world of Internet porn, the result is a situation that has drastically affected gender roles for young people.


Internet addiction treatment programs on the rise

By Shannon Brys, Associate Editor for Addiction Professional on September 30, 2013
Whether every clinician believes it is a "real" addiction or not, internet addiction has been around for many years and the programs to treat this behavioral addiction are quickly sprouting up as well.


Video game addiction 'leads to gambling' 

By Alex Druce on August 24, 2013 for The Examiner

Cornerstone Youth Services chief executive Cate Sinclair said the increased variety and availability of gaming devices had seen a marked rise in young Tasmanians presenting with a video game addiction.


Device Curbs Facebook Overuse with Shock to Wrist

By Douglas Caballero August 23, 2013 for Yahoo News, Trending Now

MIT PhD students Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff have invented a device called Pavlov Poke that actually shocks the user's wrist when he or she spends too much time on Facebook. Yup. Zap!.


Head Start - Growing Together Newsletters

News and Resources for the BC First Nations Head Start On-Reserve Program, Issue 44, Summer 2013 Features new outdoor initiatives launched by Mem?iman Daycare in Sechelt, BC.


Documentaries & Interviews Review

Documentary - No Time to Think

Documentary that explores our obsessions and addictions to devices. Features team from reSTART  Internet Addiction Recovery Program.


Interview - Violent video games and child/youth aggression

Dr. Andrew Doan on Taylor Baldwin Show regarding impact of violent video games on child and youth aggression.


Interview - Is Minecraft good for your child or is gaming causing conflict?
Online interview by Dr. Andrew Doan and Melanie Hemp regarding children and video games.


Interview - Maybe Addiction Isn't Worth Bragging About

Ryan Black is a lawyer. Dr. Tyler Black is psychiatrist. They're twin brothers, and they have some very interesting theories about where the law and video games might intersect in the not-too-distant future. 


Video Clips


Video - The Teen Brain
Dr. Ken C. Winters (Director of the Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research at the University of Minnesota) educates viewers on the vulnerability of the adolescent and teen developing brain as well as the detrimental effects of drugs and alcohol.

Video - I forgot my phone
On August 24, 2013 by My Science Academy
A touching 2 min video, the sad reality of why we are not living in the moment.

Video - The innovation of loneliness
By Shimi Cohen for Upworthy - Community
Loneliness illustrated so beautifully, you will need to tell someone.
Dr. Andrew Doan and Melanie Hemp, RN comment on recent research profiling technology production corporation responsibility to prevent video game addiction.

Gaming Is The New Digital Drug
Dr. Andrew Doan eloquently contrasts the pro's of moderate gaming vs. the con's of over-gaming.
Upcoming Books


Simply Lost for Words: A Father's journey into loss
Written by Alan Balser, MA and Executive Director of Alta Care Resource.

"There is an almost pathological need for the western world to eke out every micro second of connection and to be linked in all moments, whether by face to face dialogue or space to space cyber chat". Read on to hear an excerpt from Alan's upcoming book.


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Zone'in - enhancing attention, learning and self-regulation.

Move'in - teaches children to print, the foundation for literacy.

Unplug'in - builds skill and confidence in activities other than technology.

Live'in - media literacy guide for home, school and community.


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Virtual Child - The terrifying truth about what technology is doing to children

Virtual Child

By Cris Rowan, pediatric occupational therapist.

Virtual Child documents the impact technology has had on the developing child, and proposes tools and techniques to manage balance between activities children need for growth and success with technology use. 

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About the Author
Cris Rowan is a pediatric occupational therapist committed to enhancing child health and academic performance. Well known activist, speaker, sensory specialist and author, Cris is the "Go To" expert on child learning, development and technology overuse. Cris has provided over 200 workshops for health and education professionals, and is currently developing the Creating Sustainable Futures Program for a First Nations Community.
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