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 February 20, 2013 
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Single Track Tour 
Looking for a great place to ride single track or an awesome tour to take part in?  Here is one that I'd love to do, but can't - maybe some of you can go and send me some pics so I can dream!

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We want to give a special shout out to our loyal DirtWise customers by sending out a special newsletter highlighting their small businesses.  I know that I like to try to support the businesses that support me, and I hope that you do too.  

If you have a small business, please email us a the following to
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G'day Everyone,


We have got a heap of great news included in this Newsletter!!!


First off, for 2013 we have joined forces with, and their parent company (Appalachian O

ffroad Motorcycles), which also houses the,,  and websites. Their support of our DirtWise program has been great, and now they're throwing you all a bone by giving all of our DirtWise mates a 10% discount (Discount code: DirtWise) on anything you order up until March 31, even if you order something that costs just a few bucks. They pretty much have in the USA the largest inventory of OEM parts and accessories for the brands listed above, and for any other aftermarket accessory you may desire. Check out their latest newsletter here.


DirtWise Classes and Program Information


It seems to be the case, nowadays, our DirtWise schools are all pretty much filling up within days of registration opening, many times just from the early notification email that we send out. 


Due to some recent cancellations (aka people getting hurt on their bikes before a school), though, we have a few spots vacant in our next few schools: 

  • Brooksville, FL (Feb 23/24)  
  • Richmond, VA (March 2/3)
  • Knoxville,TN (March 23/24), 
  • Livermore, (Northern) California (March 8/9) - HardCore School

HardCore or In-Depth?  

It seems a few potential students have been tentative on signing up for the HardCore schools due to them thinking it was too far out of their abilities. Really though, at least half of the curriculum of the two schools are exactly identical - more like, 2/3's is the exact same instruction and skills exercises, it is just that we use greater progressions for skill improvement. 


So, definitely for the heaps of riders that want to come to an In-Depth school in Nor Cal but miss out, this upcoming HardCore is a great opportunity for quite a few of you riders to finally get into a DirtWise school.  For the minimum skill level check out  our programs page for more information. 


Check out our website for the full list of upcoming schools.  


Interested in a school in a particular state or area? 

Email and we'll place you in the group email that gets sent out for each specific school when is is open for registration.  

*An important note about registration and deposit: we accept registrations on a first come first served basis. All registrations are prioritized based on their date AND TIME of submission and are not considered complete unless accompanied by a deposit.  Many of our locations sale out in a matter of hours, so if you think you may want to attend one of these schools, start working on clearing your schedule tentatively now. If you wait until the registration is announced and open, then you will likely miss your chance of getting in.  




In November last year I got to go on a mad trail tour in Tasmania with the guys from both Otway Offroad tours and DirtTrax tours. Our Aussie and NZ mates probably saw the 6 page feature story about the ride in the ADB magazine. I think this pic sums up the ride adequately. Thanks guys for the great times! 



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 riding tips:

DirtWise Riding tip: Compression Hop Launch technique
DirtWise Riding tip: Compression Hop Launch technique

DirtWise Riding tip: Raised log off the ground
DirtWise Riding tip: Raised log off the ground

Check out our YouTube Channel to see all of the DirtWise In-Depth DVD Series Teasers, Video Riding Tips and fun footage from Shane Watts and DirtWise Academy! 


View our videos on YouTube


Celebrating Success: 
Tidbits from some of you!
We receive a number of emails each month from past students that inspire us, lift us up and basically give us some much needed "oomph" to keep going on the tough days when leaving home and my family doesn't seem worth it.  Here are a couple that we've been hanging on to:
Check out the write up from Hare Scrambles Racer, Lauren Schafer from Kansas, one of the ladies featured in the awesome site  Click on the image below to read the full article.
Motocross Ladies
Lauren, Thanks for giving us a shout out and, more importantly, for being such a great advocate for the ladies in our sport.  You're an inspiration to others and that's a great gift to give! Keep up the great work!
"Not only have the classes helped my dirt riding, but I had a station wagon pull out right in front of me while I was riding my street bike (Honda 600 F4i) this past summer, and I did a successful STOPPIE and stopped in time!!!  That came directly out of my last class at Sebastapol in CA this past spring.

Thank you thank you thank you."
-Susan Post
Portland, OR


Phew! Susan, we're stoked you're okay and were able to pull out the skills when you most needed them! Watch out for those station wagons!


"Through riding I feel like I can express myself. There are a lot more girls coming into this sport. Girls are just as crazy for the rush at the races as the boys are. Women dirt bike racers are on the rise. I am one of them. When a girl is shredding on a dirt bike, it is a sight to behold and always the result of incredible hard work and determination. I have attended three DirtWise schools in 2009, 2011, and August of 2012. I don't just want to be good for a girl...but flat-out good and I really think Shane understands that about me. Looking back at my first school I realize how I must have been a handful because I was only on a bike for about a year before that. I remember it was muddy and I was so intimidated but Shane helped me realize that you need to be aggressive. In 2010 I raced the Pennsylvania State Hare Scramble Series and went on to become Women's Champion. My 2nd school in 2011 helped me become faster and more confident. Shane really focuses on trying to improve your techniques so I was going faster with ease. I ended up second for the championship in 2011 but that just ment I had to push harder for 2012. With all of Shane's help I won my championship back in 2012 and got the Woman Rider Of The Year Award! I thought my third school was going to be just like the other two and boy was I wrong. Way different terrain and the terrain I feared most. Sand. The demos Shane did were so amazing that It really gets you hyped up to try it for yourself. When Shane said he was going to keep track of our lap times I was pumped because I wanted to see how I matched up against the guys. Every lap for me got faster with Shane's wise words. He is so easy to talk to and understand when it comes to riding. I can feel myself leave each school as a better more well rounded rider. My favorite is the corner ruts we did on day two. I had a huge smile under my helmet the whole time. At the end of the day Shane took us to a gnarly hill climb and before the school I might have been like yeah right I'll never make that but with the hill climb exercizes we did earlier that day I was ready to give it my all. When i diddn't make it the first few tries Shane showed me the proper way to turn back down and try again. It was the cherry on top when I made it before the school was over. I love the log crossings, log grinding, drifting, stoppies, wheelies, hill climbs and much more at the school. He goes over everything in such detail. All I want to do when I go home is ride and with those DirtWise Schools I am a safer and more confident racer. So thanks again Wattsy!"

-Sammy Bird


Sammy, we are honored to have been such a major part of your racing and riding over the years! But don't give us all the credit, your own dedication to improving your skills through practice, your tough "go-get em attitude" and your all around spunk have taken you farther, and will continue to take you farther, than you can imagine!  Keep on roostin'!

"2 years of heat, cold, dust, mud, sweat, tears, lots of $ spent and 1000's of miles traveled on the road and the's what you get !!!
It was worth every bit if it!!
All your support, advice, ribbing, fellowship  helped me accomplish a dream season.    Thanks for pushing me guys." 
John, all we can say on this one is "ditto, mate". Right back at you; couldn't have said it better ourselves!
Just to prove that some of your students practice outside of the class. :)
Bruce's DirtWise Property - Michigan Trail Ride
Bruce's DirtWise Property - Michigan Trail Ride

Also wanted to say thanks again for having your class.  I've improved immensely from applying your lessons to my racing.  I ended up winning the B vet overall in our enduro series and for the last race of the year was able to move up to the A vet class and ended up winning.
Martin Ryerson
Martin, Good on ya', Mate! And thanks for making me feel like all that harping like a nagging miss'us I do each week isn't lost on everyone!
DirtWise Schools/ Race Team


Our new DirtWise Schools/ race team, featuring current GNCC Pro XC2 Champion Jason Thomas, is forming up nicely as we progress to the first GNCC race in Florida on March Jason Thomas Headshot 12. We are currently finalizing our remaining team sponsors before announcing everything in late February. If any of you out there have a business that has some extra marketing funds (yeah right, as if in this economy that happens!) that wants to promote your products to a certain demographic, then email me at and I'll give you the lowdown on the return on investment that we can provide you. In the meantime learn a little more about Jason by reading his recent, very inspiring blog, The Hard Way.  


For 2013, we are also throwing some support towards Layne Michael, a GNCC Pro XC2 Class rookie, and former GNCC Youth Overall Champion. Plus, he is a former DirtWise graduate! Anyway, check out his new blog here that outlines how he is "Going for Glory!"


If you see either of these guys at a GNCC race be sure to go say "G'day" to them, and maybe give them a nipple cripple for me, ha, ha!!!

If you have made it this far down through the Newsletter (and if you are quick enough!) we feel like we should reward you! We have a very limited supply of the now infamous "Team Wanker" stickers from our mates down in Florida. If you want one (one sticker per enquiry) then send us an email to and we will mail it out to you. They will go quick, just like last time!!!



Keep on roosting, 

watts signature
blue ribbon coalition            

Please take a look at these amazing organizations committed to improving and supporting the dirtbike community.  A portion of every student's tuition goes to support the causes of each of these foundations. 

Save $10


Our good mate, and Battery Stuff owner, Steve D. is pinging from just spending a week roosting the Arizona desert, so he's feeling all warm and fuzzy and wants to share the love with a $10 discount until March 15. is the premier one stop shop for all your battery and charger needs. They carry every major brand of charger, and stock a wide variety of Motorcycle batteries for all your powersports and Toy Hauler needs. Plus, they keep in stock the largest inventory of lightweight lithium Shorai brand batteries available anywhere in the USA.  But most importantly, they support the sport of offroad riding, including the Blue Ribbon coalition, the AMA, and of course DirtWise. 


Give'em a call at 1-800-362-5397 or find them online at  For a limited time, mention DirtWise when you order and get $10.00 off your next motorcycle battery purchase.

Offer Expires: March 15, 2013
Get yours now!
We now carry the innovative Rescue Pegs footpegs in our online store. What a great idea these things are! Got an injured riding buddy who can't ride out - no worries, whip a set of these bad boys out of your backpack or drink system pouch and you'll have them to medical attention real quick. Got a wife or girlfriend (or both, ha!) that want to go for a cruisey riding through the bush to have a picnic at the isolated lookout - no worries, pull a set of Rescue Pegs out of you tool box and 20 seconds later she doesn't have to drag her toes all the way there. Either buy them from us at, or get them directly from