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Dr. Hornseth Announces Retirement
Before and After
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Tooth Fairy News
Meet Our Assistant, Wendy
St. Patrick's Day Trivia...
Enter for a chance
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A leprechan really is an Irish: shoemaker, thief, midget or magician.
Email  your answer along with your name and phone to:
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Good Luck! Congrats to Randy our Valentine's Day winner.








Top of the mornin' and all day too.
May the luck of the Irish, be shinin' on you!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Dr. Philip Hornseth, Dr. Erin Curless and Dental Team
Dr. Hornseth Announces Retirement
We wish Dr. Hornseth the best! He will be retiring on April 30th after 38 years in practice. Click here for his retirement letter. Dr. Erin Curless and the rest of the team will continue to be here to take care of your dental health.
Congratulations to Dr. Hornseth and his wife, MaryGay as they celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary on March 17th.
Before and After... 
John P before


John P

We think our patient hit the jackpot with his great smile.  He completed full orthodontics this fall and had white spots on his front teeth. The white spots were a result of trauma when the tooth was still under the gum tissue.  Dr. Hornseth buffed the white spots and the Opalescence Teeth Whitening System was used.  If you are concerned with white or yellow spots on your teeth, feel free to talk to our team to discuss options to help brighten and blend your smile. 




Email Confirmation

We want to make confirming appointments easy for you and your family. If you would like any appointments confirmed by email, forward us your email contact information to hornsethcurless@new.rr.com.

Tooth Fairy News... Tooth Fairy
What Happens When a Child Loses a Tooth in Turkey...
"If my parents want me to grow up to graduate from school, they might bury my tooth in the garden of the university. If they hope I will become a doctor, they bury it in the garden of a hospital, or they could bury it in a soccer field, so I will be a good soccer player."
 St. Pius
Dr. Erin Curless, The Tooth Fairy, and our hygienist, Kim educated over 240 students in 4K and 5K.  They learned all about good/bad snacks, what happens at the dentist, and all about the tooth fairy.  If you would like to schedule a tooth fairy visit for your school call our office at 731-1550.
Meet Our Dental Assistant, Wonderful Wendy
wendy family  
Hometown: Combined Locks
Residence: Combined Locks  

Family: Husband-Rick

Children: Marcus married to Angie in Darboy, 4 grandchildren; Katie married to Andy in Florida

Last Vacation: Washington

Next Vacation: Mexico for some sunshine
Hobbies: creating projects and making people happy, dancing, spending time at her cottage "The Crow's Nest"

Favorite Food: fried chicken

Wendy has been working at the office for 38 years. She was hired as Dr. Hornseth's first dental assistant in 1975.