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The Smile Connection Newsletter - October 2012    

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Clinpro 5000 Toothpaste
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Enter for a chance
to win a $50 Gift Certificate

Email what treat, trick or treaters will be getting from your house this Halloween along with your name and phone to: hornsethcurless@new.rr.com
for a  chance to win a $50 gift cerficate to the office.
Winner will be selected in a random drawing on  November 6th. Good Luck! 

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brenna team 


Halloween night comes only once in a year. So make the most of it! Have an enjoyable Halloween night with your ghosts and goblins.
Most Importantly, Be Safe!  

Dr. Philip Hornseth, Dr. Erin Curless and Dental Team

Before and After...
Trevor ?
after prop  



I have worked at Hornseth and Curless Dental for almost 20 years and see many dental traumas. One of those happened to our family. My son, Trevor celebrated his 8th birthday with a laser tag party. Trevor got hit directly in the mouth with the laser gun.  His two front teeth were fractured off 3 mm x 4 mm. The teeth were mobile and very sensitive but no root canals were needed. 
Dr. Hornseth placed composite fillings on these teeth as seen in the before picture. He knew as a young adult he would need veneers.

The summer of his senior year, Trevor had his 4 front teeth treated with 2 veneers and 2 crowns by Dr. Curless. He is pleased with the way they look. He feels very confident and he enjoys the compliments he receives with his new smile.

Kellie-Treatment Coordinator

Clinpro 5000 Anti-Cavity ToothpasteClinpro

Our office takes pride in dispensing the newest products to help prevent tooth decay and remineralize the tooth. Clinpro 5000 will replace Fluoridex and MI Paste Plus toothpaste in our office.  Clinpro 5000 takes the best of these two products (5000 ppm fluoride in Fluoridex, plus calcium and phosphate for remineralization in MI Paste Plus).  The formula is an easy to use, tasty toothpaste that you brush with for two minutes and spit out. Try not to rinse or all the benefits of the toothpaste get washed away.

Kimberly Clark Dental Insurance Change

We have received word that Kimberly Clark employees dental insurance plan will change effective January 1, 2013. We are pleased to announce that Hornseth and Curless Dental are Premier Providers for Delta Dental. We will automatically update this information for all Kimberly- Clark employees and their families. Please go to deltadental.com/kimberly-clark after January 1st to print out an ID card and bring it along with you to your first 2013 appointment. If you have any questions please contact Amy at 731-1550 or hornsethcurless@new.rr.com.

Email Confirmation

We want to make confirming appointments easy for you and your family. If you would like any appointments confirmed by email, forward us your email contact information to hornsethcurless@new.rr.com.

Tooth Fairy News... Tooth Fairy
What Happens When a Child Loses a Tooth in the Philippines... "I hide my tooth in a special place and make a wish. A year later, if I can still find my tooth, I can make another wish."

Want to give your child a personalized letter from the tooth fairy? The online site, Tooth Fairy Letters, has many to choose from.
Office News
Congrats to our hygienist, Ashleigh and her husband, John, who welcomed Emily Rose on September 29th. She tipped the scale at 6 lbs. and just started sleeping through the night. Big brother, Shane just celebrated his third birthday and can't wait for trick or treating.   










Wonderful Wendy, one of our dental assistants can add "first place float builder" to her job description. She crafted the float for the 44th Annual Scandinavia Days Corn Roast Parade with the help of her Viking friends at the lake.

Wendy float 
Elena stampsStamped with pride, our hygienist Kim's daughter, Elena, and her class at Syble Hopp School have been busy putting stamps on the dental reminder postcards for the office this school year for their vocational training.