Covenant Connections 

From the Leadership Council:
Faith Presbyterian Church, Huber Heights

Faith Presbyterian ChurchFaith Presbyterian Church can lay claim to having "grown up" with its community. Huber Heights, was "born" in 1956 with the development of a few brick homes which soon grew into Dayton's third largest suburban community - a city's motto whose is "America's largest community of brick homes." The church open within a few years of the development and, naturally, is brick!


Because this congregation was grew and matured in parallel with its community, it has a special interest in ministry that relates to needs of local children and young people.


Faith Presbyterian Preschool was Huber Heights' first preschool and, because it was created before the city offered Kindergarten, the church is known as the place where Kindergarten began in Huber Heights. Faith Presbyterian Preschool, a Christian preschool, has about 80 students and continues to be a strong influence in Huber Heights.   The church's pastor and others regularly meet with the preschool children to share stories and encouragement. Faith Presbyterian also supports youth ministry through active Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts programs and their own Presbyterian Youth Group call the Faithful Few.


Please pray for the continuing witness and ministry of Faith Presbyterian Church, Maggie Gillespie, pastor. 

Faith Presbyterian Church

5555 Chambersburg Road

Huber Heights OH 45424