Covenant Connections 

From the Leadership Council:
First Presbyterian Church, Troy

For nearly eight years at First Presbyterian Church in Troy the Breakfast Club has been an integral part of mission and outreach. Each week, Monday thru Friday, a simple breakfast meal is provided for those who are hungry or in need.  


What began with fewer than a dozen folks served each day this outreach has grown so that now, as many as 50 breakfasts are provided each day. As the number of participants has risen, the congregation's commitment has grown accordingly. One faithful church member shops the sales to get the best prices on breakfast foods, a local food pantry donates surplus food, and small grants have been received from the local Troy Foundation to help purchase equipment that is needed.


Two volunteers staff the Breakfast Club on a daily basis, offering toaster items like pancakes and waffles in addition to the staples of cold and hot cereals, juices, fresh fruit and hot beverages. Some volunteers also are willing to cook scrambled eggs or sausage and gravy to provide additional variety.


While the idea for providing a free breakfast meal originated with one church member in a new member class, it now encompasses over 30 volunteers who work anywhere from once to four times a month.   The Breakfast Club is one of ways that First Presbyterian Church, as a "downtown congregation" in Troy, shares God's love with its community and neighbors.


Please pray for the continuing witness and ministry of First Presbyterian Church, Richard Culp, pastor.

First Presbyterian Church

20 South Walnut Street

Troy OH 45373