Grasslands celebrates its first Christmas at its new location
A New Beginning on a continuing Journey of Life in Christ



Grasslands Changes Church

Grasslands Church officially moved its Sunday service celebrations to a much smaller intimate venue located in the historic downtown area of Medicine Hat, known as The Flats.  We're now right along the railroad tracks and can feel the ground thunder when the large trains pass by or hook up in the yard. Since the move we have experienced higher attendance and more relational interaction as we don't have to pack quickly to make room for eager movie-goers at our former theater venue.
Ted ended our final Financial Learning Group for 2016 with one of our members sharing his financial story as being almost debt-free since starting the program about 3 years ago. We are always so encouraged by God's direction and His results each time we have these groups. Thanks for praying with us as another group is starting in January 2017.
Please pray for spiritual awakening in our city that brings folks through our doors as a result of our outreach and Sunday gatherings. Christmas is one of the greatest opportunities to introduce Jesus. His birth and sacrifice are His way to bring everlasting freedom, peace and joy in every area of our life as we surrender to Him.
The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel (which means 'God is with us'). - Isaiah 7:14 NLT 

  Renew-Mayfield West Update
Mayfield West continues to experience growth after it's September 25 launch. We're very excited for our newest Ontario church, a  Renew Church, with campuses in Mississauga, Milton and now Mayfield West.  Please continue to pray for Wade & Anna, Andrew & Ashton and the entire MFW team. If you want to catch up on the latest happenings at Mayfield West, you can follow them by clicking HERE .


Sharing Our Canada Story
Pastor Bart invited us to share our "call to Canada" story as part of a Christmas series.  The message "Our God Might Be Crazy" centered around the story of Mary and how God asks regular simple people, like us, to do what others might consider "crazy things."  You can see the entire message here .  Our story starts around the 20 minute spot.


GBCanada logo
The latest
GBCanada USA Christmas
 newsletter just hit the USPS but you can see an advance copy HERE.


Ted Finally Joins BBL
Now that we've laid the foundations of a new ministry to relationally reach our classmates, it was Ted's turn to tell his story.  So far, we've had over 500 hits to the website with thousands of minutes viewed and we haven't officially launched yet.  People from our past we haven't heard from in decades are contacting us and others, who have posted a video, and they have reported back the same great response.  Now that we've developed a pilot site from our high school, our next step is to go national by challenging others to sponsor a page for their high school. Please visit our website and give us your comments by clicking on the Contact Us to post your feedback. Please pray God will bring us the contacts we need to develop the site into a national ministry reaching thousands of people by relationally connecting them with their former high school buddies that are Jesus followers so they can hear their personal story about how they found peace thru Christ.

Personally speaking...
Our Christmas plans are to visit as much family as possible in one U.S. Christmas tour!  We will visit Kyle, Madi and the 4 grandies in VA, Ted's mom and family in MD, Elise's only sibling in FL and Seth, Katie and Austin in TX.  It'll be a wild but quick tour with a few extra personal stops in between. 
Seth, Katie and Austin enjoying a Texas Christmas at their new church.
Kyle and Madi's kids love to play dress-up...and this time Mom and Dad are in the act too. Here's a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow, Ms. Swann and their crew Beren, Lacey, Elani and Aleia. Arghhh matee!!! 
Please pray for our travels and all the logistics that go along with traveling during the snowy months. We are so thankful for God's many blessings and the joy He brings through our family and friends.

Thanks so much for your faithful connection to us!
God is blessing and we are seeing His answers everyday.

"The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields."
John 17:20  
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