This year Grasslands is focusing more on connecting and growing in GROUPS
A New Beginning on a continuing Journey of Life in Christ



   We've heard some great stories and have seen changed lives from our Financial Learning Groups that we lead.  Some people have sold their homes and also significantly downsized to get debt-free.  Pastor Bart is holding 3 successive Family Meetings to discuss major changes at Grasslands and introducing Free Thinking ideas that will spark new growth into the communities and maturing Grasslanders to leadership. The focus this year has been growing spiritually and practically in community groups, some groups meeting specific areas of need. Pray that we will see good fruit-bearing.
We were fortunate to attend the SW Focus Retreat in January.  It was great to reconnect with many of our leaders in California and from across the US.  Afterwards, we took a side trip for Martha Schumacher's 39th birthday.  They are sooooo in love!  We look forward to reconnecting again with John and Martha in May at GBIF Board meetings. Please pray for the meetings and for time surrounding that, spending time with long-time friends and family. 


Nucleus 2: Jesus is Supreme
Nucleus 2: Jesus is Supreme
Ted was fortunate to get a chance to speak on the Supremacy of Christ during our Colossians Nucleus series. Praying for a deeper understanding that brings great growth. Check out the series and more Grasslands teachings on our website.

GBCanada logo  We're hoping to see many of you at the Margins Conference this July.  GBCanada is celebrating 20 years since the FGBC launched the ministry in Toronto in 1996. We're back in Toronto this year for the celebration. Check it out here!  As part of the celebration, GBCanada will be hosting the breakfast Monday morning on July 25 and sharing all the great things God is doing. Please pray for continued movement in developing the churches, especially for the two new churches starting in Mayfield West and Cambridge. Hope you can be there!

Part of our Spring has been taking photos with Flat Wally for our Grandies.
Personally speaking...
We haven't seen our family since our Christmas visits. Please pray for God's best for a new job for Seth. Hoping we can connect with all our family this summer.
Katie, Seth and Austin 
  Madi's first big trip as a US citizen was to Disney World!   
Kyle and Madi took a brief vacation to FL for their first visit to Disney World with the kids.
They found Beren asleep one morning with the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance in his bed.  Must have been an exhaustive night. 

 Kyle & Madi had some pictures taken of the 3 girls, Lacey in her pink tutu, Aleia likes the wind-blown look and Elani has found that her finger is not only good for pointing but it tastes good as well.

  Please pray for a new ministry project Ted is working on.  We hope to launch it in the next few months.
Thanks so much for your faithful connection to us!
God is blessing and we are feeling your prayer everyday.

"The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields." John 17:20  
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