This year Grasslands is focusing more on connecting and growing in GROUPS
A New Beginning on a continuing Journey of Life in Christ






        Jesus connected with people in various groups.  He had his close 12 apostles, his larger group of disciples and then there were various groups of people who came to see Jesus.  We learn better in groups, we eat in groups (family), we work in groups, we can't escape the group experience.  God made us relational beings and we can't practice the "one anothers" if we aren't WITH one another.  So, this year, our emphasis at Grasslands is all about connecting people with Jesus in life-changing ways through groups. We have community groups, financial learning groups, leadership development groups and discovery groups. Thanks for praying for a year of enriched growth and depth for all of us in Jesus with His transforming ways.
Ted will be co-leading our first Financial Learning Group starting February 17th.  The groups last 9 weeks and will cover Biblically based material presented in easy to understand practical ways.  Our goal is to help people gain control over their finances so they are free to follow the dreams God is placing before them in the way of serving and helping others. We appreciate prayer that the material will be presented in compelling and loving ways as many are hurting in what can be one of the most consuming areas of our lives. We all have lived with the weight and pain of debt at some point.  Financial freedom is indeed freeing in so many ways.


Thanks for praying for 5 folks who attended the Discovery Group in December.  Two prayed to follow Jesus and were baptized (yes, in December, outside!).  There are another 6 who are already in the next Discovery study. Pray for the Wevers as they lead the study and that Biblical understanding is clarifying and hearts become firmly rooted in surrendered faith in Jesus.

A Changed Mind: Grasslands  4-part series on Mental & Emotional Health continues this Sunday, 10:15am at the Galaxy Cinemas.  For those of you who were not able to join us last week or cannot join us in the weeks ahead, please join us for the podcast instead.  This series taught by Pastor Bart proves to be a much sought after perspective that will bring us a new outlook, no matter what our circumstances. The link is usually posted on Mondays.  Please invite others to join in the journey.

  Austin 9 BD
While we were there we celebrated Austin's 9th birthday a month ahead of time.
Personally speaking...
Christmas in Texas was lots of relaxing fun with Seth, Katie and Austin. We spent time visiting nearby towns like McKinney and checking out Austin's new school.
Seth and Katie making a selfie to send us for Christmas Day.  
  Madi's Christmas gift of citizenship!  
During our Christmas visit to VA, we were able to attend Madelein's swearing in ceremony as a U.S. Citizen.  
Madi came from South Africa when she was 18 to participate in an educational program,
working as an au pair while attending college. The entire family cheered as she took her oath, including her already American children.

Christmas is all about family...and trustee meetings...and ministry projects eh?  
Gmom reading Xmas story After Texas we headed to MD for our annual GBCanada USA Trustee meeting.  We had lots of good news to report and enjoyed a wonderful non-seasonal dinner of Persian kabobs together.  We then headed to PA to join up with Ted's side of the family.  Elani CanadaUnfortunately, Ted was not at the top of his game that day so it was more of a low-key celebration of our Saviour's birth for him.  We were so very thankful though to spend time with his mom and so many who came from so far away... even Australia.  From there we headed to VA to spend Christmas with Kyle, Lacey cowgirlMadi and the grandies.  After several days of fun, celebrating Christmas a little every day and night with the grandies, the kids woke up anticipating the big day and the floor was covered with puzzles, games, and costumes.  Kyle took us to see the latest release of Star Wars for Christmas. While we were there, we teamed up with Kyle and drove back to MDAleia typing to connect with high school friends and start a long-awaited evangelism project.  Kyle shot video and will be doing the editing.  Stay tuned for more project updates in future newsletters. 
Thanks so much for your faithful connection to us!
God is blessing and we are feeling your prayer everyday.

"The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields." John 17:20  
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