Learning to Love in the Hat - from our recent Vision Sunday
A New Beginning on a continuing Journey of Life in Christ


Grace and Village leaders address both churches at a Family Gathering for one church in two locations.

Grace - Village Merger
Hopefully by now, you've heard the latest Canadian Fellowship News, that Grace Community Church of Mississauga and The Village Community Church of Milton are walking down the aisle together in a merger relationship.  To read more about it, click here for the full update. Great changes coming over the next few months!  Thanks for praying! 

Elise multi-media


Thank you for praying for Ted as he presented a Debt Free Living Seminar October 17th. In cooperation with The Neighbourhood Church downtown Medicine Hat, 14 brave souls came to learn how to get out and stay out of debt. One nice couple, who saw our ad on Facebook, wasn't yet interested in Biblical principles but did stay to absorb it all. Elise was tagged for running the PowerPoint and sound boards (left) and was a little squeamish about the digital technology but did fine in the end. Pray for our follow-ups as we help people put into practice what was shared.
Coming up Saturday, our Grasslands Bowl-o-ween Family Party at the local bowling alley hopes to see some new friends from the community join in the fun.  Everyone dresses up for some whacky bowling.  ~~   Unfortunately, we'll miss it as we'll be visiting The Village Community Church - part of a quick stop on our way to Philadelphia to attend GBIF Board meetings.  We're looking forward to reconnecting with Villagers in Milton and co-workers in the field in Philadelphia at Urban Hope, Go2Ministries and MetroGrace.

Thanks for praying for 6 folks who attended the Newcomers Lunch, 2 of which recently prayed to follow Jesus and 6 of which want to do the Discovery study. Pray that their Biblical understanding is clarified and they become firmly rooted in faith in Jesus.

Might see you at the SW Focus Retreat, eh?

While Grasslands Church is actually part of the NW District, we missed the focus retreat in September.  So, we thought since we're close to the west coast, why not jump down to the SW Focus Retreat in January and also see what's going on with our Fellowship churches in Southern California.  Our very own, Bartley Sawatsky, will be there and it will give us a chance to catch up on everything going on inside the Fellowship as Bartley winds down his leadership role next summer.



  Greenville flood
The new Patricia Pool outside of Seth & Katie's home.   
Personally speaking...
Fall has already started an interesting chapter in the lives of our kids and grandies.
Austin-flood Austin thinks the flooding is cool!  





Hurricane mouse  

As if the Cowboys didn't already have enough troubles, (sorry, I'm a Redskin fan and had to get that in there) seems that Hurricane Patricia decided to invade parts of Texas in the Dallas area, including near where Seth and Katie
live. There was a short evacuation, but    fortunately, there wasn't any substantial damage.  However, they did come home to tons of crickets, a few mice and a scorpion that were also seeking higher ground... in their home.  Katie and Austin have been working hard and
 are so glad Seth is home for whatever is next for them... The best addition is they now have a pool in the front yard thanks to Patricia.  Seriously, praying for those who were less fortunate.

Skype callWhat would grandparents do without Skype, eh?  Kyle and Madi continue their new adventures with four little ones at home and everyone is now officially enrolled in Ado Home School.  Which, by the way if you didn't know, can happen anywhere, anytime and in fun diverse ways. Skype and FaceTime have become our best method of communicating with Aleias tonguethe Grandies as can be seen by these Skype shots we occasionally take when we're chatting. From getting to hear their ABC's, counting to 100 by tens, hearing the latest Spiderman story or even the odd quip, "Look at my tongue grandymop - it's purple." It's all fun and fabulous and we're Berens spidermanglad we can still be part of their lives even though we are thousands of miles away.  We hope to connect with our family in December when we do the Ado Christmas Tour and GBCUSA Trustee meeting
Thanks so much for your faithful connection to us!
God is blessing and we are feeling your prayer everyday.

If you had faith even as small as a mustard seed ...
nothing would be impossible. John 17:20
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