October 2015
Vol 9, Issue 3
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In His Time 
Do you ever get tired?  We do!  Galatians 6:9 comes to mind - "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."  

That's a great verse - but sometimes, I find myself wondering, "How long is 'do not give up'??"  In an area that is very heavily secular, we are reminded again and again that we really have to be investing where the Holy Spirit leads, being patient, and do lots of waiting - while we continue to invest without recognizable return, sometimes, for years.

Last night, we had the privilege of seeing the beginnings of a harvest as a woman we've been investing in over the past several years shared her story in our Community Group that she joined a month ago.  It was a beautiful reminder of this promise - and we look forward to her finally finding the hope she has been searching for in Christ.
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Beach Baptism
One of our favorite events of the year is our annual Church at the Beach Baptism and BBQ!

CoH Baptism Summer 2015
Ana Getting Baptized
This year, we were thrilled to have  number of baptisms - all seven of them teenagers.   In the spring, Kathryn, one of the moms, felt led to have a girls Bible study in which they would go through our Gospel of John study.  Many of these young women have grown up in the church, and more than a couple started out with a "Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know all that" attitude.  On the first day, she asked them to write down on a piece of paper everything they thought they knew about Jesus and put it in a jar.  And then she asked them to start to engage the story of Jesus in the Gospel of John for the next seven weeks as though they'd never heard it before.  Well, those two months were life-changing for many of the girls, and we had the privilege of seeing 5 of them be part of this baptism, one of them our very own Ana!

Parks and Pumkin Patches
2015 Park
CoH Park Program 2015

Once again, we had the privilege of partnering with the Auburn, California Grace Brethren Church for our August Ministry Week. Since we don't have a building, we have to get creative, and this is our version of Vacation Bible school - outside, in the park area around a local school.  For the past couple of years, we have done it on the grounds of the elementary school our boys attend. That has opened really terrific ongoing relationship opportunities. It's exciting to begin to see repeated touches over several years bearing fruit. This fall, we have seen one school relationship transition into the mom joining our community group! Pray for Elaine - she is finding her way back to God, and we are praying that she will soon find the relationship with Him that she so desires.

Pumkin Patch 2015
Alissa and the bunnies

 We also had a great time with our 5th annual Harvest Party on the first weekend of October; nearly 200 people came, and about 60% of those were friends and neighbors of people from the church.  This year, for the first time, we saw 5 families come whose only other connection with us had been the Park Program.  Have we seen them at church?  Not yet, but we know that in this context, the transition often takes several years, a number of times of becoming familiar with the church and its people in "safe" non-church places, and ongoing, gradual relational touch.  Pray for us to be patient - and at the same time ready to act immediately when the Holy Spirit prompts us toward action for someone.

Family Happenings
Mom_s 80th Well, it was quite a summer!  Philip took Alissa and Elijah with him to Ontario and Maine for the Great Canadian Adventure and then an 80th birthday party for Grammie B., Lydia and Ana went to Indiana for the awesome Momentum Youth conference, and then we traveled as a family to the East Coast for the FGBC's annual conference in Newark, NJ.

Risk Conference 2015
Bryants Invade NY City
We had a great time connecting with friends, and there was a pretty big contingent from Canada - that was fun!  Thanks to a canceled flight, we ended up with extra time with Nathan and his family.  We were close to New York City, and got to go downtown several times, once with a mini- missions team to help an Albanian church planter, and then again just for some family time; the girls all wanted to see Times Square and the boys were quite excited to see a 4-story Toys R Us!

Camping in Hope 201
We also had a great time camping as a family in a little
town called Hope about 90 minutes east of us.  With Lydia graduating from High School this year, we are becoming very aware of lots of "lasts" and trying to buy up those moments. Everyone has settled into school well this year, and we're just trying to keep up with it all.  We would love to have more time with our neighbors - they would be more than happy to spend time with us and would come if invited.  We just have to prioritize the times and places where we will invite!

Help Start a New Church in the  Toronto Area - Missions Trip
This summer you can be on the ground floor of us starting our 3rd church in the Toronto Area. 

We will also be working with several inner city ministries in downtown Toronto, spending a day in the mix of the world's most cosmopolitan city with over 160 languages spoken and a great need for God's love.

We will take some time to visit a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple and a Mosque, experiencing firsthand the world religions that are taking hold of many in our community.


And much more - you can register online at www.canadianadventure.org 


Please be sure to have your church place these in your bulletins. GCA 2016 Bulletin Insert or put up these posters at your church, ABF or youth group wall GCA GCA 2016 Poster

We would love to have you join us next summer in Toronto! 

Thank you for continuing to pray for us. We are so encouraged by all that God is doing with the ministry here in Canada. Amazing things with the churches in Ontario. The initiation of a new church plant, the possibility of another campus in the future and the transition to a different facility. So much happening in Ontario. Great things going on in Medicine Hat and with Oliver & Cheryl - keep them in your prayers and the work in Medicine Hat in your prayers. 

As I write this I am reminded of the goodness of God. That He is doing the work. I often get impatient, or I want things to be bigger, faster, more... But God is always perfect in all He does. He is building His Church and the gates of hell cannot stand against it. 

Here at CoH, we are learning to be faithful and engaged as we await to see who God will bring to be the pastor / shepherd of this awesome family. We have made many great connections over the past few months and are prayerful God will allow us to see some of them come to Him. We are getting ready to start up a bible study in the gospel of John. Please be in prayer. So many people I would love to have come to this study but a few names are Melody, Troy, Lauren, Elaine, and several more. 

Pray with us as we continue to seek a new Lead Pastor at CoH. If you know of someone with those strong shepherd/leader and perfecting skills, someone who can take something and make it even better is what we are looking for. Be sure to refer them to our search team here at CoH: searchteam@gethope.ca.  

As my travel increases we will need to raise our support for an ongoing additional $20,000.  These funds will help us transition monies that the church was giving us to help with our ministry and travel expenses so that the church can be focusing on  funding the new lead pastor at CoH. To give online: Give Online

Pray for our upcoming sermon series "How to Live" - praying we can deepen ourselves as a church and ready ourselves for the potential tranistion God has for us. This will be a study in the book of Titus and with us moving from a church plant to an established church it is the perfect time to mature through this amazing book.

We are working to set up a stronger partnership with Grace College & Seminary to bring interns and Go Encounter teams up to partner with us. We have a trip scheduled for May and would love to see 20-30 students join us. Right now there are not a lot signed up and so would you pray that that we would see that increase over the next few months.

Pray for this summer's GCA this is going to be a great week as we get ready to launch our third campus in the Toronto Area. So much fun being on the ground floor of a new church. But lots to pray about and a great need for many hands to come help us. 
Pray for Jon & Gail Pedersen. They are our Student Ministries Directors and are doing a great job. So much to learn and do and they are looking for the right kind of other employment that allows them the flexibility to both live and serve. 

Continue to pray for us to reach our neighbors and to make disciples. We know that God is able and is willing to use even us. 

Yours for the kingdom,  

Philip, Beth, Lydia, Anastasia, Alissa, Elijah, and Josiah Bryant

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