January 2015
Vol 9, Issue 1
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Ask, Seek, Knock (Matthew 7:7-8):

"Ask and it will be given to you;  seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds;  and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

We know our heavenly Father has already given us immensely more than we deserve; we are utterly dependant upon His mercy and His grace. But we have this call on our lives and we desire to see more - more people come to know Jesus as Saviour, more people finding hope for their lives and for their families, more churches established here in Canada.  We want God to use us!

We are in a season of asking, seeking, and knocking - knowing that God is not only a good Father, but full of grace and power. Would you Ask, Seek and Knock with us, that God would open up the flood gates of heaven, release His power over the enemy?   That we would see His church established here in Surrey and throughout Canada?  Thank you!
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A Charlie Brown Christmas
Charlie Brown Christmas 2014
Charlie Brown Christmas 2014

This year we were wrestling what to do for our Christmas outreach. During our end of summer get-a-way, the girls teased about staging "A Charlie Brown Christmas" with the youth group. Well, when we floated that idea with the students they were pretty excited about it! Praise the Lord that God brought Claudia Schrock up from California (They moved up from Orange). She did a great job directing the play and our church really got behind it with props and such. We hired a few professional musicians to make sure the Jazz was excellent and the rest is history. 


We had a full house that Sunday with over 200 coming to production and the students did not disappoint; they did such a great job. Our girls were involved and it was so much fun seeing our church reach back into our community with such a fun play.   Here is a link to the play and the service that morning: http://youtu.be/mj44Ah2tLJI

Death and Life
Our little church has been reeling with the loss of life. In just the past three months, we have seen a 20 week old premature baby pass away, a 32 year old mother of 2 die suddenly and a widowed dad pass away. Just this week, one of  the ladies in our church lost her mom and last weekend my next door neighbor passed away. 

Death - how we as Christians deal with that reality is so important. 1 Thess. 4:13 "Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope."

Grieving without hope is so hard. Yet, grieving with hope is incredibly powerful. It is the difference between death and life.  When Nick & Rachel lost their son Parker, it was gut-wrenchingly hard. They had their family and close friends with them at the hospital and one friend was Nykki. She had been close to Rachel for years, but as her big sister's friend. She has two children and had been leading her own life, but recently she was wanting something more - searching for life. She watched how Rachel & Nick dealt with the death of their son, and she had to know where they got their hope from. She was so overwhelmed by their response that she decided to come to Community of Hope. 

She then joined a study in the gospel of John and we had the privilege of looking at the scripture together with a few other ladies. For 6 weeks we met on Friday nights, and the Friday before Christmas we were doing lesson 6 and Nykki told us how she is trusting Jesus as her Savior. It is a larger story, but the bottom line is that Nykki had passed from death to life and then that night, just hours after the study, Nykki passed away. Tragically - suddenly. We are still grieving and still in shock. Still trying to help her children, over whom we have no authority and little opportunity to influence. Yet for 32 years, Nykki had lived in darkness, separated from God and because of the hope that was shown in death by Nick & Rachel and the caring outreach of several CoH members, Nykki was brought to a living relationship with God. Yes we lost her here, but we know where she is and we will be with her forever. 

Pray for me as I do my neighbor's funeral in February. She did not place her faith in Jesus and I did her husbands funeral 14 months ago. Pray that life may come from death.  
Upcoming Events
A baptism on February 22nd - can't wait!  One of the ladies being baptized was doing the study with Nykki.  Her name is Anne-Margaret - keep praying for her as she is moving ahead with her faith journey. Her daughter just started a Bible study in the gospel of John with 5 other girls in our youth group. - More life to follow... and baptisms, Lord willing.

Superbowl Party this weekend. I know you are all cheering for the Patriots... Because no one here is, since we're just 2 hours from Seattle, and you can just imagine the excitement around here. This could be the end of me. Praying that several new connections would grow through this simple outreach event. 

Valentines Banquet - this will be an important fundraiser for our students who want to go to Momentum this year. It will also be an opportunity to reach out make meaningful contact with our unbelieving friends and neighbors. 

Palm Sunday Easter Egg Hunt & Easter Sunday - be praying with us as we want to touch as many people as we can with the good news of Jesus. 
Family Happenings
A lot is happening in the Bryant home - not the least of which we have a new driver in the house. Lydia passed her drivers test on Saturday and you should have heard the excitement in our house. 
The girls had a great time at Snow Camp with the district youth. You heard about their part in the Christmas production, with Lydia as Lucy and Ana & Alissa taking part as we well. Ana loved her red wig that gave her "naturally curly hair."

Ana has been trying some new things and has been editing the church sermons for our website and has started learning German on her own. She has been hanging around the tech/sound table on Sundays so it may be that she gets even more involved.

Lydia has been asked to do more in Sunday School and has been teaching some of her classes and Alissa does a great job helping with her class on Sunday.
Elijah & Josiah are adjusting well to school and Elijah is moving ahead with his math and in school projects. His one disappointment from Christmas was that he wanted to be Snoopy in the Christmas play.

Beth has been singing with the worship team and is starting to let go of some of her many responsibilities at CoH and learning how to coach and lead others in doing those. 

Next Summer in Toronto - Missions Trip
We would love for you to join us this summer for the GCA 2015 - June 21-27 in Toronto!

GCA 2015 We will be working with several inner city ministries in downtown Toronto, spending a day in the mix of the world's most cosmopolitan city with over 160 languages spoken and a great need for God's love.

We will take some time to visit a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple and a Mosque, experiencing firsthand the world religions that are taking hold of many in our community.


And much more - you can register online at www.canadianadventure.org 


Please be sure to have your church place these in your bulletins. GCA 2015 Bulletin Insert or put up these posters at your church, ABF or youth group wall GCA 2015 Poster

We would love to have you join us next summer in Toronto! 

Thank you for praying for our elders retreat in January. We hired a company to help us assess our church and help us with a church profile and a leader profile. We were able to agree together on the type of leader we are looking for to take Community of Hope to the next level. We have officially started looking for a new Lead Pastor for CoH. 

This month has been full of travel and meetings. I have been asking, seeking, and knocking. I had the privilege to speak at Grace College & Seminary Chapels and several of the classes to visit WLGBC and the Indiana District Ministerium and several other churches and pastors in the district. Last week I traveled to the Southwest Focus Retreat and to Fellowship Council and during these trips I was asking, seeking, and knocking. Letting leaders know of our need for a new Lead Pastor at CoH. Many great conversations and we are getting the word out. But you may be able to help us. If you know if shepherd / leader who has strong skills to build on a good foundation of a church planted in a multi-cultural community that is less than 2% churched. Send him our way. email info@gethope.ca

I have been and will continue to ask, seek, and knock at the larger churches in our community to see if they have a leaders that might be a good fit. One of the greatest challenges is finding someone who is would fit the culture and would be committed to who we are as GBCanada

I will be traveling to Ontario next week and an opportunity to speak at GCC and to connect with our Ontario leaders. I will also be spending time at Heritage Bible College & Seminary at their missions conference and presenting several seminars. Pray that as we ask, seek, and knock God would open many doors. Not only a lead pastor for CoH, but partners that may join our team in many different potential roles. I will be traveling in March down to Maryland and I am working now on those churches and visits that I can fit in along the way. 

Having pastored CoH now for over 7 years and living here on the west coast it has really hindered me from being able to visit our supporting churches. My prayer is over the next year I could visit all our supporting churches. As my travel increases we will need to raise our support for an ongoing additional $20,000.  These funds will help us transition monies that the church was giving us to help with our ministry and travel expenses and they can be going towards funding the new lead pastor at CoH. 

Pray for the Bryant family as I am traveling a lot this year and it will take a toll on everyone. Pray that we can keep it balanced and the kids can know they are loved and supported in this change.
Pray for CoH church as we are in a little transition now as I have been gone more, and will be in more transition when we identify this new leader. Pray for unity and pray for fruit that remains. That we will continue to grow and reach into our community even with this transition.
Pray for a new lead pastor at CoH. 
Pray for a youth leader/pastor - Ryan our intern is great, but he desires to do more adult ministry and we are looking for someone who is passionate about our students that would join our team. (without a lot of resources, this is a God sized challenge).
Pray for me to reach this goal of visiting all supporting churches in this year.
Pray that we can raise the additional monies needed for our support.
Pray that we gain favor with several of the larger churches in the region to create kingdom partnerships.
Pray that as I travel we will grow better bridges with churches, colleges and with potential interns and teammates for future ministry here in Canada.

We are asking, seeking and knocking - would you join us?  
Yours for the kingdom,  

Philip, Beth, Lydia, Anastasia, Alissa, Elijah, and Josiah Bryant

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