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Global-Z Adds New Countries for Phone Standardization

DMA 2015 "&Then" Comes Back To New England!

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Global-Z's Luau at the Lake

~by Katie Favreau & Jennifer Martell, Global-Z Co-Morale Officers

Happy Summer Everyone!!!! It has been a pretty nice summer here in Bennington, VT! We've had favorable weather for the most part - perfect for lounging by the pool. Now if we could only convince the powers that be at GZ that we could be just as productive doing our work lounging by the pool, instead of sitting at our desks in the office, we'd be all set!

Anyways, back to business. We have been fairly busy this summer with the boring work-type stuff, but we didn't let that stop us from having our most epic annual luau yet! We decided that we needed to kick things up a notch this year, so we took it upon ourselves to plan an off campus adventure! Don't worry we got the blessing from the big boss men first. And once they gave the thumbs up we were off! We chose to close up shop here at the office at noon one gorgeous afternoon and all truck it up to Lake Shaftsbury State Park for the festivities.

Party Time

Happy Summer! When we last reached out to our GZ News subscribers we had just welcomed new CMO, Ted Haas on board. He's been hard at work outlining new content to keep all our customers, contacts and friends updated on the latest news in our industry. More to come on this later...

We want to thank all of our GZ News readers and hope you all enjoy our summer edition. Our goal is to help keep you up to date and informed on issues that matter to you. Thank you for your continued feedback! Please keep your thoughts and recommendations coming.

In this edition of GZ News, we announce our expanded list of country support for phone standardization services! Also, we announce a new coworking space that our Captain, Dimitri Garder is opening in downtown Bennington, VT.

  • Global-Z Adds New Countries for Phone Standardization
  • ~by Paul Harris, Sales & Marketing

    Global-Z International Inc., a leading international contact data quality services provider, recently announced that it has added Argentina phone standardization capabilities to its growing list of market-leading global data products.

    Global-Z reports that its Phone Number Standardization solution parses, validates, standardizes and formats international phone numbers based on country-specific rules and reference data. By utilizing global datasets, Global-Z says it is also able to append valuable metadata to standardized phone numbers, including phone number type, geography, carrier and similar attributes.

    Read Our Press Release
  • DMA 2015 "&Then" Comes Back To New England!
  • This year's annual "&Then" US Direct Marketing Association (DMA) conference & exhibition is being held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts. The exhibit floor opens on October 4th-6th and we have been getting ready for another successful year at the DMA.

    See You at DMA!
  • Coming Soon to an Inbox Near You!
  • Global-Z is happy to announce that we will be increasing the number of GZ News editions we have been sending to our subscribers. Look out for our first ever September issue of GZ news coming soon. We will feature some exciting new product announcements and much more to come!

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