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Meet Molly

Fall is Sneaky, but Not as Much as We Are

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NEMOA Fall Conference Recap: Fun, Friends and Foresight
~by Marty Shaw, Director of Sales & Marketing

The National Etailing and Mailing Organization of America (NEMOA) fall conference was held in Providence, Rhode Island recently. The event was dubbed DirectXchange, with the tag line "Catch a wave: Recognize rising trends and ride them to success". Right in line with NEMOA's mission this year's fall conference provided a wonderful opportunity to "SHARE knowledge, LEARN about industry trends and CONNECT with peers and experts in a non-selling environment." I wanted to share just a few highlights from the two days that were packed full and well worth the time and investment. If you've never been to a NEMOA conference I highly recommend it!

The most enjoyable and crowd-pleasing session (more like a comedy routine) was Scott Stratten's on what he refers to as "Un-Marketing". Scott emphasized that marketing is not a task. "Your brand is defined by your customer set." Anyone in any organization is a marketer since arguably each person in an organization has an impact on how others experience their (our / your) organization. With great timing and emphatic tone Scott had attendees laughing as he shared his views on organizations that look to "rebrand" themselves. "'Rebrand' is Latin for 'waste of money!'"

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The fall season is in full swing here in Vermont. Locally grown pumpkins and fresh apples are our seasonal favorite ingredients and tourists from across the country have been traveling all over the state to get a taste of seasonal life. The local Vermonters call these folks, "Leaf Peepers".

We want to thank all of our GZ News readers and hope you all enjoy our fall edition. Our goal is to help keep you up to date and informed on issues that matter to you. Thank you for your continued feedback! Please keep your thoughts and recommendations coming.

In this edition of GZ News, we introduce the newest member of the Global-Z family! Also, we feature an exclusive look inside the NEMOA DirectXchange, an event we attended earlier in September.

  • Meet Molly
  • ~by Jennifer Martell & Katie Favreau, Global-Z Co-Morale Officers

    We recently had a new addition to the Global-Z family. Captain of Global-Z International, Dimitri Garder and his lovely wife, Sarah gave birth to their first child, beautiful Molly Irina Peacock. Molly is an adorable bundle of joy and we congratulate them both on producing a healthy baby girl. We have been showered with cute baby pictures and funny anecdotes about the life and times of new parents. We celebrate with Sarah and Dimitri as they experience this very special moment in their lives.

    Meet Molly!
  • Fall is Sneaky, but Not as Much as We Are
  • ~by Jennifer Martell & Katie Favreau, Global-Z Co-Morale Officers

    It seems that Fall has snuck up on us here at Global-Z. I can't say I am happy about it as the season implies that Winter will be here shortly and last for the next 3 to 18 months or so. However, I do look forward to the brilliant foliage here in lovely Southern Vermont. Our local apple orchard has a great harvest this year and we have been enjoying delicious Macintosh apples, homemade apple crisp, and we're even thinking about canning some homemade apple sauce. What does all this have to do with Co-Moraleing? Nothing! Get over it.

    What are they up to now!?
  • Our Kind of Town! See You Soon at DMA 2013 Chicago!
  • This year's annual Direct Marketing Association (DMA) conference & exhibition is being held at the McCormick Place West in Chicago, Illinois. The exhibit floor opens on October 13th and we have been getting ready to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

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