April 2014
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Worth It?

Let's assume that your congregation has 36 non-attending families. If you mailed 36 of the "We Miss You" cards costing $38.85 plus $17.64 for postage for a total of $56.49, and this special mailing helped in some way to bring just one family back to church, would it be worth it?

We'll send you one sample card free.You can also view both the outside and inside of the card on our Website.

Note: Three weeks ago a large LCMS church in TX ordered 288 "We Miss You" cards (one for each family) plus church growth books "12 Pillars of a Healthy Church" and "The Seed Planting Church" by the late Dr. Waldo Werning. We hope you are working to reclaim some of your non-attending members (Acts 20:28).

A Magic Pill

If your doctor said he had a magic pill that could lower the risk of coronary artery disease, improve your blood pressure and your cholesterol, and control your blood sugar, would you be interested?

Walking! It's benefits seem endless. Beside helping your heart, walking 30 or more minutes a day will also improve your mood. Hey, take the pill!

Spiritual Food

Years ago a lady in my congregation was talking to a friend about visiting our church. Her friend had difficulty appreciating going to a church that preached and taught Jesus and the Bible.

Finally my Christian friend asked her friend this question and then explained what it meant: "Why would you want to eat food from 'Meals on Wheels' when you can dine at a Five Star Restaurant? Hope you can use this question some time. It's a winner. - DFG

Fishing For People
By Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

"I often went fishing up in Maine during the summer. Personally, I am very fond of strawberries and cream, but I have found that for some reason, fish prefer worms.

So when I went fishing, I didn't think about what I wanted. I thought about what they wanted. I didn't bait the hook with strawberries and cream. Rather, I dangled a worm or grasshopper in front of the fish and said, 'Wouldn't you like that?'

Why not use the same common sense when fishing for people?"

A Day for Growth
Easter is the Sunday on which more guests will be in your church than any other Sunday. This is a huge evangelism opportunity. It will give you many names to add to your email list or mailing list.

Encourage your people to brin
g unbelieving friends and relatives to church. Do this the Sunday before Easter and by mail.

Be sure your sermon enthusiastically points to Jesus and encourage people to make a commitment to Him. Ask for this. Encourage this. Pray for this in the Easter service.

"I tell you the truth, My Father will give whatever you ask In My name . . . Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete" (John 16:23-24).

For Pastor's Eyes  Only

And the Angels Were Silent by Max Lucado. Walks you through Christ's last week as He takes His final journey into Jerusalem and then to the cross. 264 pages. New. Retails for $12.99. Free (including shipping) to the first pastor who emails us.

For Church Secretary's
Eyes Only

God's Wisdom for Mothers by Jack Countryman. Timeless wisdom from Scripture with 11 categories. 199 pages. New. Plus Loved Beyond Measure, 25 daily devotions by Prof. Jane Fryar, Concordia University, Seward, NE. New. 64 pages. Free (including shipping) to the first secretary (or office administrator) who emails us.

Excellent  Church Website

We Love the very informative and colorful website for Zion Lutheran Church (LCMS), Beecher, IL, Rev. Ronald Rock, lead pastor.  Excellent layout. Good eye appeal. Covers all the programs and activities of the church.  Click Zion Lutheran Church for some great ideas.

Easter Visitors
By Rick Warren

For many people in your community, Easter is the only day of the year they'll show up at church. It's a great opportunity to reach out to those who don't think about church the other 364 days of the year.

You'll want to reach out to your visitors and thank them for coming . . . You may want to make a personal visit, call them or write them a letter - or very possibly do all three. Here are 5 tips for writing to your Easter visitors. [read more]

How to Handle Distractions While Preaching
By Brandon Hilgemann, Ministry Toolbox 2/14

What is the most distracting thing that has ever happened to you while preaching?

If you have any experience preaching, it is inevitable that distractions will happen. Maybe a kid runs on stage, a baby screams, or your mic dies.

The way you should handle a distraction depends on the severity of the distraction. (Brandon has good suggestions for small distractions, large ones, and emergencies.) [read more]

Welcome! Please come in. In 1841 Sarah F. Adams wrote the Christian's longing and prayer, Near My God to Thee. If you can, take a moment to hear and watch the Sharon Singers of the Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute present this very special hymn. Go full screen. The video is beautiful. It's a hymn that needs to be sung more in all of our congregations.  
Nearer, My God, to Thee
Nearer, My God, to Thee

It's Later Than It's Ever Been
By Pastor Don Ginkel

At midnight one night the clock mechanically made a mistake and struck thirteen times. A little boy, frightened by it, ran into his grandmother's room screaming, "Grandma, Grandma! It's later than it's ever been before!"  


It is later than it's ever been. There's a funeral to go to. It is yours. It will stop you in your tracks. Why is death so powerful? St. Paul writes,
"The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law" (1 Cor. 15:56). Sin is the murder weapon. Sin strikes down every giant of a man. Sin gets everyone. Take away sin and death becomes harmless. Paul continues, verse 57,"But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

There is only one way for your sin to be taken away. You can't do it. The church can't do it. Paul says that Christ has done it for you on the cross of Calvary. There Jesus tangled with the forces of the supernatural world to win the victory. Now you do not have to lose. You've got the victory. No more guilty feelings over sin. No more trying to do better in order for God to accept you.


It's later than it's ever been. Are you ready? If Christ is living within your body today, then you are. If Christ has established His home within the chambers of your heart, then you are. If Christ has assured you that you are His child by faith alone, then you are. Don't fake religion - believe in Christ.


Lord, I know that it's later than it's ever been. I am now closer to the end of my life on earth than ever before. I thank You, Lord, for suffering, dying, and rising again for me. Comfort me daily with the truth that I will soon be with You and all the redeemed in heaven. Until then, use me in any way You wish to build Your Church here on earth and thereby show how grateful I am to You. In Your name. Amen   


8 Acts of a Healthy, Growing Church
By Rick Warren, Ministry Toolbox, February 2014

B. H. Carroll, a famous Bible scholar, in his commentary, estimates that there were probably a hundred thousand members in the Jerusalem church after 25 years . . . Any Bible dictionary will tell you that in New Testament times that the city of Jerusalem was approximately 200,000 people. What we have here is a church with 100,000 members in a city of 200,000 people. Half the city had come to Christ. No wonder they said, "you've filled Jerusalem."

When you look at the book of Acts, you find at least 8 characteristics of the early church that positioned them for this kind of blessing from God. If we echo the actions of the early church, we can expect God's blessing on our church. What to do. [read more]

How To Receive New Members

Each new member should receive a copy of MY COVENANT. A copy of this is found on page 14 of the I Have Good News For You Leader's Guide. We include one here. Click My Covenant.

At the end of each new membership class receive people into membership at the next worship service with warm expressions of welcome and prayer. Provide each new member with a corsage (Let's make a big deal of this!). Have them sit together as a group in the front of the sanctuary. Be sure each new member receives an appropriate membership certificate (Ask for a sample copy of #400 from Church Press). After the service have new members stand with the pastor at the main entrance to be greeted by worshipers.

Have the new members sit together as a group in the adult Bible class. Have the chairman of the congregation give them a warm welcome. You might also ask if any of the new members would like to respond.

Stack of Stuff

Once a day sink your teeth
into a crisp, juicy apple, a great source of energy. One apple gives you five grams of fiber, it's a cholesterol reducer and good for your heart. It also contains antioxidants that can help protect against heart disease, strokes, and cancer.

Credit card fees are getting very high. Church Press pays 10% of each sale to cover a credit card purchase. Some companies will now take payment only by check. We prefer payment by check also.

Socrates: "By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher."

If you have children at home, make it a habit to take them out for a treat or meal one at a time. They'll love you for the time and attention you give them.

Oswald Chambers: "Never let the sense of past failure defeat your next step."

Pot tax revenue in Colorado for just one month this year brought in $2,000,000. Many politicians are excited about the new revenue, but the legal sale of pot is also bringing with it many problems. Where ever you live, chances are that you'll also have the "Colorado experience" some day soon.

Why Couples Stop Talking
By Dr. Greg Smalley, Focus on the Family, March 3, 2014

I once heard a story about a retired business executive and his wife. One evening the wife called friends to ask what they were doing. "Oh," said the other wife, "we're just talking and drinking tea."

The executive's wife hung up the phone. "They're drinking tea and talking," she told her husband. "Why don't we ever do that?" The executive said, "So, make us some tea." Soon they sat with their freshly brewed tea, stirring the tea and staring at each other. And stirring. And staring.

"Call them back," the executive barked, "and find out what they're talking about!" [read more]

The 5 "R"s to Remembering Names of
Everybody You Meet
By Brandon Hilgemann, Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox, March 4, 2014

  You walk into the hall after church. A young man bounces up to you and starts talking like he has known you forever. He looks familiar, but you can't remember his name to save your life. Sound familiar? Remembering names is hard.

If half the people in your church knew your dirty little secret - that you don't know their name - they would be deeply offended. The bigger the church, the harder this gets. Remembering a person's name is important. You never know how such a small detail might have a profound impact on someone's life.

I once talked to a girl about her testimony. When she was in high school, she attended a church youth group with her friend once. It was OK, but she didn't bother coming back. However, a while later her friend invited her back and she reluctantly agreed to go. When she walked into the church, the youth pastor said hello and used her name. She was so shocked that he cared enough about her to actually remember her name that she came back every week. Eventually she gave her life to Christ.

You may try to excuse yourself saying, "I'm not good at remembering names." But I don't buy that. Name memory is not a spiritual gift or some kind of genetic trait you inherit. People who are good at remembering names simply try harder and place a higher value on remembering names than others.The good news is that you don't have to be a genius. Everyone can remember names if they work at it. Most of us just don't know how. Here is a system I have used to help myself remember names better. The Five RE's to Remembering Names: [read more]

10 Things Every Church Secretary Needs
By Kenneth Quick, Leadership Journal

I've spent many hours talking with my present secretary, Janet Grishable, trying to discover the pressure points and possibilities of secretarial life. Together we're come up with ten things I can do that not only keep her motivated but also help her do her work better. [read more]

The Atonement in the Old Testament
By Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today, March 18, 2014

In our day, few seem concerned with the question, "How can a sinner like me live with God forever?" But that question is central to the Biblical storyline. The doctrine of atonement answers that question, and what many fail to see, is that this idea started all the way back in Eden where out of judgment, a triumphant promise sounds forth: the seed of the woman - the Messiah - will crush the serpent's head. (Note: Pastor Ginkel's OT Bible study, "A Time to Laugh or Cry," follows the Messianic thread from Genesis to Malachi).

While many critique the Christ-centered interpretation of the Old Testament as reading back into the text what's not there, these critiques fall primarily because they assume the OT on its own terms is not Christ-centered. But that's exactly what it is! So when we think about Christ's atonement we must go back to the beginning. In Eden, God establishes an expectation for a coming Messiah and atonement.

The atonement foreshadowed in Eden advances four themes throughout Scripture. [read more]

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25% discount on twelve different Bible study CD's. They include Bible research by R. R. Kremer (WELS) with questions and answers. Each study has six chapters. Takes about one hour to an hour and a half to do one chapter. Regular price $39.99. April special is $29.99. Email us with your order to receive this special. Go to our Website for more details. 
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A Funeral Service for All Your Members

Pastors - for one of the Sundays after Easter why not have a funeral service for everyone in your congregation? I did this a number of years ago with fabulous results. A local funeral home brought a casket into the sanctuary on Saturday and placed it in front. It was open, and I placed a mirror inside. Early Sunday morning they parked their hearse in front of the church with the back door open. Obviously this piqued everyone's attention. Early the week before I sent this letter to all members including non-attenders and good prospects.


Dear Fellow Redeemed:


When death comes to a home, it usually comes suddenly. The result is that most people do not think clearly. Next Sunday you will have the opportunity to attend your own funeral service. Obviously it will be designed to make you think.


Think about the brevity of your life and what you want to do with the rest of it. Think about changing some of your goals in life. Think about your own funeral service and make plans for it. Your funeral service could be the greatest sermon you preach. Think about making a will, about putting the Lord's Church in that will, about a memorial.


The text for your funeral will be John 11:25-26. The Scripture readings, congregational singing and special music for your funeral will proclaim the joy and victory which is yours in the risen Savior. I hope that every member including those members who have been backsliding and have not been regular in church attendance will be here. You should also invite your friends.


In Jesus Christ, Pastor Don


As people arrived the ushers asked them to go up to the casket for the viewing of the deceased. They came. You know what they saw. It was very sobering. Brother pastor, I believe we need to be a bit more demonstrative in teaching about sin, death, Jesus, His resurrection, and the promise of everlasting life with Him. All of this is not a game. We're playing for keeps - now and eternally. God give you a powerful ministry in the days ahead. Your brother and fellow servant - Don   


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