February 2014
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What To Say

Highlights the key differences between this cult and Biblical Christianity. Includes: The Watchtower Society, God's Names, Jesus, Holy Spirit, the Trinity, Salvation, Different Destinies, The Afterlife and Hell, and A Changed Life. 128 pages #319 $9.99. Click #319 to order.

Valentine Card

Do you ever think that just a card doesn't do justice to how you feel? Do you read through all the cards on the rack and reject them? Too silly, too flowery, too blunt, too vague - you finally decide to go home and make a card, in spite of your artistic inabilities. Even then, the words cannot really express your heart. Suggestion: Make up your own card anyway. Whoever gets it will love it.

What God Has Done 

"God has chosen to love you, even in sin, with an unconditional love. His love is based not on your performance but on His grace. He loves you just as much when you stumble and fall as He does when you closely follow Him. This is not an excuse for sin but an opportunity to love him better" (On Holy Ground, p. 10, by Charles Stanley).

Heart Attacks

If you even suspect you
are having a heart attack, down an aspirin. During the early stages aspirin can prevent a clot from getting bigger. Actually, call 911 first, then take one 325 mg aspirin or 4 children's chewable aspirin at the onset of chest pain or other symptoms of a heart attack. Ask Bronco head coach John Fox if it pays to pay attention to symptoms of a heart attack - he knows first hand.

The aspirin will work faster if you chew them instead of swallowing them whole. We are told that 10,000 American lives a year could be saved if they took aspirin at the start of chest pains. Suggestion: Carry the aspirin (in a small plastic bag) in your billfold or purse at all times.

It Costs $4,000,000,

it's over in 30 seconds, and it may not be remembered the next morning. It's a Super Bowl commercial. Something else cost more than all the money in the world. It will never be over, and it will be remembered for all eternity. It's your salvation. "You were redeemed . . . with the precious blood of Christ, a Lamb without blemish or defect" (1 Peter 1:18-19).

For Pastor's Eyes  Only

Senior's Devotional Bible (NIV) with life affirming daily devotions. Will help a senior meet the challenges of growing old and meeting life's changes successfully. An excellent Book for fruitful living with God. Hard cover. New. Retails for $32.00. Free (including shipping) to the first pastor who emails us.

For Church Secretary's
Eyes Only

The Narrow Path by Gail Sattler. Amish and Mennonite inspirational fiction. Romantic twist with a Christian message. Retails for $14.99. New. Free (including shipping) to the first secretary (or office administrator) who emails us.

Good Church Website

We like the very informative website for St. Paul Lutheran Church (LCMS), Bay City, MI, Rev. Paul Theiss, pastor. Covers all the programs and activities of the church. Sermons are carried. Click St. Paul Lutheran Church. Well done.

Sermons that Impact
By J. Kent Edwards, Deep Preaching, p. 154

What does God want to accomplish through this text? After first examining how God wants the idea of your passage to impact your own life, now you begin to think about how your idea should impact others.

My assumption here is that you agree that sermons should actually do something in the lives of your listeners. Only those sermons that accomplish a specific purpose in the lives of those who hear them are successful. There should be visible results in the lives of our listeners after we have faithfully preached God's Word. But I realize, however, that not everyone agrees with me. All too often sermons come across as stained glass versions of the History Channel.

Use Words

If we are to make disciples, we must use words. Share  the gospel - and use words, since it's necessary. You don't need a gift to do it.

Christians seem to really love evangelism - as long as someone else is doing it.

Let's not find and propagate reasons to not share Christ. Let's live out the gospel - but also tell people far and wide about the good news of Christ. - Ed Stetzer

"Open a savings

. . . account for your child and make regular visits together to the bank to deposit money, even if the amount each time is small. Set an achievable savings goal based on your child's age - for a very young child it may be just enough money to buy a piece of candy, but it's about making saving money a habit." - Rich Martinez in the Denver Post.

Welcome! Please come in. We invite you to hear the music and read the words to a simple prayer: Fill My Cup, Lord. Maybe it's time for you to be like the woman at the well when she met Jesus. Take a moment to pray her words to the Lord right now.
Fill My Cup, Lord
Fill My Cup, Lord

Would You Love Me A Little?
By Pastor Don Ginkel

There was a four-year-old boy. He had no parents, came from the slums, and was taken to an orphanage. The first night was quite an experience. When bed time came, after the first bath he had in some time, the matron took him to a bed with clean white sheets. He said, "Do you want ME to get in THERE?" After tucking him in the matron reached down and kissed him good night. "What did you do THAT for?" he said, and he rubbed off the kiss.  


The next morning, when he saw the lady who put him to bed, he said, "Would you mind doing that again... what you did last night?" He had never been kissed before. It did something to him that warmed him inside. In about a week's time the matron said the boy was coming around three or four times a day. He'd look up at her with a soft look on his face and say, "Would you love me a little?" After some time it was felt Tommy was ready for adoption.


One day he was brought into a room to meet a man and woman. The matron asked Tommy if he would like to go home with the woman. Tommy looked at the floor and didn't say anything. The lady said, "I'll give you a rocking horse and all sorts of play things." She kept on talking, trying to tell him how nice it would be at their home. After a bit Tommy looked up at her and said, "Would you love me a little?" [read more


4 Keys to Creating an Irresistible Church in 2014
By Greg Atkinson, January 2, 2014 Rick Warren's Toolbox

Let me share with you the "big four" that I look for when I visit a church, secret shop a church, or consult with a church . . . They are First Impressions, Children's, Security, and Worship. Yes, worship is last and I have listed them in the order that I weigh them . . . Studies have shown that people make up their mind whether or not they will return before the worship service and especially the sermon. Most visitors will know in the first 10 minutes if they will return to your church.
  1. FIRST IMPRESSIONS [read more
Football Gridiron Glossary

The Super Bowl is February 2. In a never-ending effort to reach the unchurched, some churches are translating their unfamiliar terminology into familiar phrases. It is hoped to help initiate football fans into the complexities of church life.

BLOCKING: Talking endlessly to the pastor at the church door and keeping everyone else from exiting.
DRAFT CHOICE: The decision to sit close to an air conditioning vent.
END ZONE: The pews.
EXTRA POINT: What you receive when you tell the preacher his sermon was too short.
ILLEGAL MOTION: Leaving before the benediction.
INTERFERENCE: Talking during the organ prelude.
TWO MINUTE WARNING: The pastor's wife looking at her watch in full view of the pastor.
QUARTERBACK SNEAK: Sunday School teacher entering the building five minutes after classes begin. 

Stack of Stuff

This is a picture
of our little dog, Lily, in repose before the Bronco/Patriot football game January 19. Before every Bronco game we put her Bronco jersey on her. She knows that when the game starts, she can go and watch the game with Shana who lives next door. SHANA IS HER IDOL in caps. On the 19th, however, Shana was in California, but Lily refused to believe us, so we took her out in front of our house so she could go see for herself. The result is this little clip.

If you are not familiar
with the best selling Bible study, I Have Good News For You (half million sold world wide), take a peek at Lesson One of the student guide and sample pages of the Leader's Guide. Click Good News.

If you like football
you'll love a tremendous article by Thomas Lake in Sports Illustrated entitled The Book of Tebow. Very inspiring. Click 



Pastors who make weekly home visits on active members, non-active members, and prospects know the huge benefits of doing so. What might be a good weekly goal for the pastor in the average sized congregation in each of these three areas? What do you think? The answer is extremely important to both the pastor and the people. 


Please feel free to share this Newsletter with the people in your church and with friends. 


"Raising a financially literate family" is one of the best articles around on how to teach children and teens to be financially literate. WOW! It's carried in the Denver Post. Be sure you read the article and then share the article or link with your people in your newsletter or bulletin. You will be doing a lot of people a huge favor.     


Do it to love people for no ulterior reason. If you have a snow blower (or a shovel), consider using it to clear sidewalks and driveways for others. Start and leave unannounced. P.S. Our newspaper is always thrown on to our driveway. A few months ago someone started placing it at our front door. After the first snow of this winter someone began shoveling our driveway and sidewalk. The person did his good deeds very early in the morning and unannounced. I finally found the man, his name is Kit, and he lives about a block away. I went to his house and thanked him. When I asked him why he did it, he said he just wants to be kind. Obviously we have a new friend. We've returned the favors with a bottle of wine and a basket of fruit. Can you be a "Kit" to someone? - Don    


When speaking to a non-Christian, Robert Crosby has an excellent suggestion: "A good question can open a conversation; a great one can open a soul."  


A church secretary, when arriving at the office,
discovered a dead mule on the church grounds. She immediately called the pastor to ask him what she should do. He told her to check her list of things to do as a secretary. "What does it say to do in case of death?" She replied, "I did step one, 'Contact the next of kin.'" Another - Mother to a little boy after a trying day, "All right, you do anything at all you please! Now let me see you disobey that!" Oh, just one more - What's the difference between a deer being chased by a hunter and a midget witch? One is a hunted stag and the other is a stunted hag.

The Time Is Now

Eternity will not be long enough to thank Jesus for dying on the cross to save me. Eternity will not be long enough to thank a friend who introduced me to Jesus. But in eternity I will not be able to introduce anyone to Jesus - the time to do that is now. It is not a year from now. It is now! But with whom shall I do it?
  • Family Members - spouse, parents, grandparents, etc.
  • Neighbors - next door, the elderly, new families
  • From Work - any and all you are in contact with
  • Through Sports and Hobbies - People you are in contact with
  • Friends - your and your spouse's friends, parents of your child's friends, etc.
  • Casual Associates - your doctor, dentist, realtor, insurance, professional groups, sales reps who call on you, babysitters
  • Those In Need - who are undergoing stress of some kind
  • A Fellow Patient in your hospital room.   
18 Ways to Motivate Yourself in Ministry
by Rick Warren, Rick Warren's Toolbox

When it comes to ministry, I don't focus on trying to motivate other people. I worry about motivating me, and if I'm motivated it will be contagious. This is true in any area of ministry. Your duty is not necessarily to motivate others. But if you stay motivated, people will catch your enthusiasm. They will catch your vision. . . . This isn't deeply theological - it's just practical, usable advice.
  1. Put  your plans on paper (or on screen). Dawson Trotman said, "Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and the finger tips." If I can say it and write it down, then it's clear. If I haven't written it down, then it's vague. A lot of us go around with anxiety which is this free-floating, vague fear that I'm not getting it all accomplished. Just the very fact of putting it down, a lot of times, gives credence and relief to your mind and you're able to focus on it. [read more]  
The Language of Love!
Years ago Rev. H. B. London, Jr. wrote the following article in The Pastor's Weekly Briefing.

I know many of you will not celebrate Valentine's Day as such, but the day does bring into focus the importance of those we love and who love us. I'm not real big on valentines, but I am a huge fan of my wife, Beverly, and I want her to know it. But sometimes there is a language barrier. Do you know what I mean? Consider the following (just having some fun) - when you wife says:

"FINE" - This is a word women use to end an argument when they are right, and you should not say anything more.

"NOTHING" - This is the calm before the storm. This means "something" and you should be on your toes. Discussions that begin with "nothing" usually end in "fine."

"WE NEED TO TALK" - What that means is that as a husband you probably will not be saying anything for a long time.

"OH, GO AHEAD" - This one is tricky. It may be a dare, not really permission.

"JUST 5 MINUTES MORE" - If she's getting dressed, this could mean "I'll be down in 30 minutes."

"THANKS" - If you are thanked, do not question or faint. Just say, "You're welcome."

Hey, colleague, make a big deal out of the 14th. Express your love genuinely. "Husbands, love your wives" (Col. 3:19).
Don't Quit
By Chuck Warnock, Outreach September/October 2013

A number of years ago, I stepped into the pulpit of the church I started in Greensboro, NC, and I resigned. I was tired - exhausted - and I had nothing else to say. So I did what I had talked about doing: I quit.

Don't quit. It's not the solution you think it will be. Here's why I quit, and why you shouldn't:

I always wondered if I could make a living doing something else. Well, I could and I did - I made a very good living. But in my darkest moments and in my best times, what I really wanted to do was pastor a church. Trust me, if you're smart enough to be a pastor, you're smart enough to make a living doing something else. But you will not find it satisfying, fulfilling or energizing. God's call is powerful. [read more]

A Strategy For Inactive Members

Do you have one for your congregation? One of the tools at your disposal is the "We Miss You" Card, No. 406. Email us and ask for a free sample, and then consider this strategy.  


Before mailing the "We Miss You" Card consider some planning with pastor, elders, or church council.  


Every inactive member should receive the card. There should be follow-up a week or two after the mailing. The pastor or elder should phone or visit the missing families. A visit is more effective. It makes an enormous difference when people really believe that their church (pastor and people) truly loves them and cares for them. [read more] 


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