March 2013 Church Press Newsletter
Satan and the Fallen Angels

Make no mistake about it - There is a huge need for believers today to be better and more accurately informed on their number one enemy: Satan!

Lesson 2 of the Bible study The Story of Angels by Pastor Don focuses on Satan and the Fallen Angels under these headings:

Their Origin and Fall, Nature of the Fall, Other Names for Satan, Fallen Angels, Their Power, Their Knowledge, On the Attack, A Tempter, Murderer and Liar, Opposes Christ and His Church, Opposes Believers, In Relation to Unbelievers, Their Defeat, Christ is "The Great Exorcist," Christ Is Our Victory.

#150, 120 pages, $6.95. To order click Angels or email us or call 888-772-8878.


Patience is a virtue,
Possess it if you can.
Found seldom in a woman,
Never in man.

For God's perspective read James 5:7-11

When To Start

When is a good time to start your next membership class? Many churches begin a new class a week or two after Easter. Pick a date, time, and place in advance. Each week put it in your worship bulletin. Be in prayer for it privately and in public worship. Church Press has special inexpensive bulletin flyers for the "Good News" course. Just click flyer.

What would you do if you could not fail?
By Dr. Waldo Werning (LCMS)

Questions people might ask themselves: What is your spiritual goal for today and for the future? For your family? What is your professional or business hope? What about health and wellness? What about finances? What is your vision for growing stronger spiritually? What is your plan for service to God? For your community? For your recreation and relaxation? What would you do if you could not fail?

(That last sentence is the zinger. Think about it. Dr. Werning has some important answers in his book, 12 Pillars of a Healthy Church, 130 pages, #303 $12.00. To order click "Pillars" or email us or call. Folks who purchase this book also often buy The Seed Planting Church by Dr. Werning, 168 pages, #304, $12.00.)

The Church Invitation

This continues to be the most productive means to bring guests to your church. Try this - for four consecutive Sundays place a business card in each bulletin. Have pastor encourage everyone to invite just one person that week to worship and then give them the card. From experience we know this produces results.

On Suffering
By Joni Eareckson Tada
(over 45 years -  quadriplegic in a wheelchair)

If I'm to be held steady in the midst of my suffering, I want to be held not by a doctrine or a cause but by the most powerful Person in the universe.

Amazing love, how can it be? That God should plunge the knife in His heart for me - all the while, me, dry and indifferent, cool and detached. That He, the God of life, should conquer death by embracing it. That He should destroy the power of sin by letting it destroy Him. This is "the foolishness of God . . . wiser than man's wisdom, and the weakness of God . . . stronger than man's strength" (1 Cor. 1:25).
(When God Weeps, p. 133).

Good Website

We like the website for Redeemer Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE, Rev. Mark Ebert, Pastor. Take a peek. Click Redeemer.


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"Above All"
"Crucified, laid behind a stone, You lived to die, rejected and alone.
Like a rose, trampled on the ground, You took the fall and thought of me, Above all!" Will you say it to Jesus right now? Take two minutes to watch, listen or sing along. Just click "Above All."
Go ahead and do it!
How To Win Over The Devil
Sermon by Pastor Don Ginkel on Matthew 4:1-11 for any Sunday in Lent

Is it really true that the devil has enormous influence in the lives of people? He seems to be able to make things go wrong so often. He seems to be able to take the wind out of people's sails and place them in very depressing situations. This morning we want to learn HOW TO WIN OVER THE DEVIL. First we need to establish -


I.   Who the Devil Is


The devil was created as a good angel and lived in heaven with all the angels before the fall. He was given free choice to obey or not obey God. Somehow, in some way, Satan turned on God in heaven and desired the glory that God had for Himself. The result is that Satan was thrown out of heaven together with all the angels who followed him.


They were damned instantly and were never given another chance to change. That's God's judgment on them. So now the devil has launched an all-out attack on people, deceiving them, lying to them, tricking them, persuading them, bargaining with them, so that people like you and I will spend eternity in total damnation.


Jesus was the only Person who ever overcame the devil. All other people have failed. The devil is the second most powerful being in existence. Christ is first. The life that we are now leading will finally end in the hands of No. 1, Jesus Christ, or No. 2, the devil. We have no other choices.

[complete article]

When Leaders Lead Change Too Quickly
By Thom S. Rainer

A pastor of a large church recently resigned after leading the congregation in several major changes. Attendance at the church dropped precipitously as many members voted against the changes with their feet. At another large church just twenty miles away, the pastor is moving so slowly that people are also moving out. They are waiting on this leader to provide visionary leadership, but he is simply too reticent to move forward. [complete article]

Stack of Stuff

We received this card a few days ago. This is the address side (each person signed their first name) and the other side has a full color photo of the sanctuary. Perhaps an idea that you can adapt as you send cards to members of your church and possibly include prospects. Put a responsible person in charge of the project.

Don't just hope that worshipers make new friends
at worship - just plan on it. Example: At the end of the service (or even at some point during the service) ask everyone to introduce themselves to one person they do not know.

"We'll have all eternity to celebrate with those we bring to Jesus but we only have our lifetime in which to reach them." - Rick Warren on Twitter

Waitress at a truck stop: "You think you are a good driver?"
Truck driver: "Yes, I'm a good driver."
Waitress: "Let me test you: Your rig is heavily loaded. You're going down a steep grade about 70 mph when you notice that your brakes have failed. Just then a farmer pulls out in your lane, pulling two wagons full of bales. Your speed increases to about 90 mph. You cannot take either shoulder because of the steep banks and deep ditches. Just then you see that you cannot pass the farmer because a bus load of school children is approaching in the other lane. What would you do?"
Truck driver: "I'd reach back to the sleeper and wake up my partner, Herman."
Waitress: "Why? What could Herman do?"
Truck driver: "Well, Herman, he ain't never seen a real bad accident."

For pastor's eyes only: Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi from Tyndale, a commentary on three important minor prophets. 253 pages. New. Hard cover. Retails for $16.95. Free (including shipping) to the first pastor who emails us.

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Spending money on a good sound system is one of best investments your church can make. It pays big dividends. Make sure that your pastor is not "tied to the pulpit." Purchase a lavaliere microphone for him.

People need more than a handshake from pastor on Sunday morning. Recognize anniversaries, graduations, etc., in your weekly or monthly newsletter. Ask someone to gather the information and then see that it is dispensed in a timely fashion. People need to know that their church acknowledges them in many different ways. We have two cards that can help. "A Gift from God to See, to Hold, and to Love" card. #408. Send to parents at the birth of a child. "Wishing You Joy As You Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary." #409Email us and we'll send you a sample of each card.

Pastors - having a wife who serves as the Library Systems and Operations Director at Denver Seminary has benefits. I recently told Nadine that I need more books for late night reading and in passing mentioned that I hadn't seriously studied the Book of Concord since sem days. Oh, yes! She bought the Kindle Edition for $.99. Here is the link if you are interested. - Don

Big Adult Class Coming Up

Between Ingo and Don

A few weeks ago Rev. Ingo Dutzman (LCMS), First Lutheran Church, Boston, MA, ordered 20 copies of I Have Good News for You. We filled the order and included 150 free Good News Flyers for the bulletins to help promote a push for a big class. Ingo emailed us back:

Don - I agree it's time for a big push, and I'd love to facilitate a large class. Thanks for the free Flyers. "I Have Good News for You" has been one of my most important ministry tools since vicarage 35 years ago. You probably know better than I, but I've certainly used over 2,000 copies in the meantime.
     Just this past Sunday I baptized a mom, dad, and their 6 year-old twins. Over a period of three months we met for many hours in preparation with the Bible as our authority and your book as our guide. Thanks for helping make such wonderful occasions possible.
     Yours in Christ, Ingo

How to Successfully Conclude Your Adult Membership Class

Review and Orientation Night.
One week after Lesson 10 meet at the regular time. Remind the class that this is not a test but an important mini-review. After coffee break have an informal 30-45 minute review of the past history of the congregation together with present and future plans in the areas of education, evangelism, stewardship, and other related areas such as organizations, building programs, constitution, etc. [complete article]

What to Look for In A Secretary
Brief excerpts from an article on this subject by Dr. Joe McKeever

The number one trait you're looking for in an administrative assistant is spiritual maturity. Your assistant should be competent in basic office skills. You are looking for excellence. Not perfection but excellence. Excellence simply means high standards of professionalism. You're looking for a team player. She needs a servant spirit, humility, positive-mindedness, loyalty, the ability to keep confidences, and a sense of humor.
  1. Ask the Father. Ask Him to lead you to the right team members. Do not do what I have done: In your impatience, hire the next good candidate and hope for the best. It never works out. [complete article
Safe At Home!
By Rev. Bob Tasler (LCMS)

This time of year in Casa Grande, AZ, we begin bidding farewell to friends returning home after the winter season. Home is always in another state or province. Some long to go home to beloved family and neighbors or just to plant flowers and see how the house survived the winter.

One of my favorite symphonies is Antonin Dvorzak's New World Sympthony #9 which he wrote after visiting America during the 19th Century. In it he incorporated the haunting melody from a spiritual called, ""Going Home." Its opening words are: "Going home, going home, I'm just going home." [complete article]
The Closing Benediction
By Rev. James H. Knotek (LCMS)

The closing benediction of the Holy Bible is one of reassurance. "The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the saints" (Rev. 22:21). You, God's son or daughter, are His precious possession. He wants the best for you - and that is eternal life in His presence. His unending grace continues to flow in rich measure. This benediction is another ripple encircling the book of Revelation, circle after circle of encouraging, reassuring statements from the Supreme Author to you, His child. You are His redeemed, an overcomer, a conqueror who is destined to dwell in the exquisite splendor of the holy city. With John you can joyfully say, "Amen!" (Unlocking the Mystery of Revelation), p. 161. #180, 166 pages, $7.95.

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