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September 2012
Three Popular Cards Free
  • "I Belong" card. Infor- mation on new member and responsibilities for them. "What Is The Church To Me" poem by Margaret Seebach.   
  • "Thank You For Visiting Us In Worship" Send to visitors. Welcoming message. Signed by pastor. Very well received.
  • "We Miss You" card. Send to those who have missed worship for some time. Inside message and Scriptures remind them that their pastor and members want them back in the family. A very warm and friendly card.

Each card has appropriate Scripture verses for the occasion.  


For September one set of these three cards are yours free. Just email us and ask for the free  cards. Include your address. 


One of the pastoral songs of the shepherds might have been, "Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost." But none of their songs seem to be, "Rejoice with me for I have lost none of my sheep." The ninety-nine are precious, but the joy, oh the joy, of finding the one that was lost. Think about it.
The Joy of Finding People!
Sermon by Pastor Don Ginkel on 

Luke 15:7, ". . . there will be more rejoicing in heaven . . ."
Luke 15:10, ". . . is rejoicing in the presence of the angels . . ." Luke 15:32, ". . . we had to celebrate and be glad . . ."

Heaven is a place where more parties take place than all the parties that have ever been conducted in our community in all its history. There are more celebrations, more songfests, more rejoicing, more great times in heaven than any other place in God's creation. The Bible says that all of heaven is involved in these celebrations. It happens every time one lost sinner is found and is brought into God's Kingdom.

Have you ever lost a child in a shopping mall? You search and search throughout the mall. And finally you spot your lost child hand in hand with a great big security guard. At that moment there is a sigh of relief and your heart is filled with thanksgiving and much rejoicing and even tears. And even though that child was lost for only 20 minutes, there is great joy over the fact that the child has now been found. The Bible says that there is greater joy in heaven over one person who is found, a person who has been lost all his life, but is now back home in God's Kingdom where he belongs. [complete article]
The 4 A's of Delegating Effectively

The activity, program, ministry or project you are delegating must be clearly understood by the person to whom you are delegating. People need enough information to do the job right.

AUTHORITY: You must make sure the delegated leader has the resources and information needed, and then get out of the way and let him or her lead.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Remain close enough - without hovering - to the delegated leader to answer questions as they arise, and help them continue on track to success. Asking the question "What can I do to help?" should be a part of healthy delegation.

AFFIRMATION: People need to know you are pleased with their work and progress. To build a better sense of affirmation, share your praise of another's work with a larger audience.

                                       Outreach September/October 2012, page 112, by Ron Edmondson
Tips for Starting A New Membership Class
  1. Set the date for the new class early. Don't wait until you have people who are interested.
  2. If you use I Have Good News For You, order books, bulletin inserts, posters and sign-up sheets. Place posters in prominent places with a sign-up sheet placed to the side of each poster.
  3. Speak of the class in sermons (it's easy to work this into most texts), prayers in worship services, bulletin paragraphs, newsletters, etc.
  4. Develop a list of people who should be contacted for the class and another list of those who have indicated they plan to attend. Aim to expand both lists. Ask certain members to invite and bring certain prospects. Develop and maintain a regular prospect list.
  5. Be sure to invite Lutheran transfers to go through for a refresher and so they may get to know you better and for you to become better acquainted with them. Two very important things happen here: First, the Lutheran transfer usually enters into a new and higher level of discipleship, and, second, the discipling bond between pastor and member increases.
  6. All members of the congregation should be invited and challenged to attend and to bring a friend. The Good News Bulletin Insert (# 105, 50 inserts for $3.50) helps greatly with member enrollment. 
Stack of Stuff

OUR AWESOME GOD is our latest Bible study on the personhood of God, ten lessons. It's real BIBLE study - not a lot of fuzz. Take a look for yourself. All of Lesson One: A STUDY OF GOD - WHY? is available to print free. Just click Awesome God.

Here are two printouts for Infant baptism
. Feel free to make copies of each. Just hit Infant Baptism Sample1 and Infant Baptism Sample 2.

Great phone call: A week ago Liz Firhaber of Murrieta, CA, ordered 9 copies of the Bible study,  Unlocking the Mystery of Revelation. A few days ago she called again and said that two more ladies want to attend and she needed two more copies. Then she added, "But I can't take any more. My apartment is too small." Yea for Liz!

For pastor's eyes only: The Greek New Testament - Featuring the fourth edition of the United Bible Society's Greek New Testament (UBS4). In addition to the complete UBS4 text, full texts of the NRSV and the NIV - given in parallel columns with footnotes. New, hard cover, retails for $39.99. This single copy is available to the first pastor who emails us and asks for it. There is no charge. We'll send it to you by Media Mail.

For a mother's eyes only (who has a young son who loves football): Tim Tebow, Through My Eyes, A Quarterback's Journey. This is a young readers edition. New, hard cover, retails for $16.99. This single copy is available to the first mother who emails us and asks for it. There is no charge. We'll send it to you by Media Mail.

After all your efforts to lead a person to saving faith have failed, you may want to say something like this: "Jim, I care about you, but I want to tell you that if you do not want to eat with the Lord at the banquet feast in heaven, your wish will be granted - you will be excused. I do not want that to happen."

A pastor went bear hunting. Suddenly a bear appeared and came right at him, running hard. He fired his only shot and missed. The bear kept charging him, so the pastor prayed, "Dear God, please make a Christian out of this bear." Finally the bear arrived in front of the pastor, put his two front paws together and prayed, "Dear God, thank You for this meal!"

Before your next adult membership class
  1. Remind your flock that being lost and being without a Savior is not fun. It's a matter of life or death forever. Who would wish the latter on anyone? 
  2. Make it your own goal to personally and successfully bring at least one person to the class.
  3. Ask the elders to assist you in inviting and bringing non-attending members to the class.

Warmly invite each church officer and elder to monitor your next class. They really need to know what's going on here. 


"When Jesus saw the crowds, He had compassion on them" (Matthew 9:36a). May the love of Jesus touch our hearts to have compassion, too. God's grace to you!  


Government: A Godly Perspective. A reproducible Bible study on CD by R. R. Kremer (WELS). Six lessons: 1. Government established by God. 2. America designed to be Godly. 3. The Christian & Civil disobedience. 4. The Christian's role in government. 5. Church and state, agenda or fact? 6. Overview of today's government. You may reproduce as many copies as you wish. To order click #259 $27.95 or by email

For Those Who Say They Don't Believe The Bible

There are some pretty strong arguments that the Bible is God's Word. Here are just four:
  1. The amazing way in which all the prophecies of the Bible have been and are being fulfilled. In the O.T. there are 333 prophecies dealing with Christ alone and all were fulfilled. The only way one can explain how all Bible prophecy can be fulfilled is that Someone was behind the writing of that Book who knew the future, namely, God.
  2. The Bible has been the most maligned and hated book in the world. If any other book would have been attacked as the Bible has been we can be sure that it would not have survived. The only explanation for its survival is that Someone very great has been standing behind it.
  3. It has amazing unity. 39 men wrote 66 books over a period of 1,600 years on a very controversial subject - religion; yet, there is complete unity. There are no contradictions. The only explanation is that Someone must have guided the men who wrote it.
  4. It also has tremendous power. Who has heard someone say, "I used to be a murderer or a thief and after reading Shakespeare and Plato I became a changed person."? But thousands, yes, millions of people have had their lives changed into a marvelous new adventure after coming into contact with the Bible.

We would say, "Don't believe the Bible for any of these reasons. Rather, study carefully and see for yourself." At this point it would be good to share the Gospel of Jesus with the person from your heart and invite and bring the person to the next adult class using the course, I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU. Literally tens of thousands of people have started this course as skeptics and left as firm believers!  


Christian Leadership
by Dr. Craig Loving

Christian leadership, if done right, is hard work. There will be occasions when the church wildly celebrates the pastor's leadership.

There will also be occasions - perhaps much longer seasons - in which it seems that the pastor's every word or action is challenged by those who follow. Sometimes opposition comes through the front door: "We don't like the way you're doing things around here! We're changing directions!" Sometimes it comes through the back door. More than once the enthusiast says, "Tell us what you want to do, pastor, and we'll find a way to make it happened" has been followed with a carefully worded, "We the undersigned . . ." [complete article]

What Guests See When They Visit Your Church
by Thomas S. Rainer

As I write this, I am working at home because a handyman is working on several small items around my house. I love his approach. When he first entered our home, he asked for permission to take a quick tour. Within minutes he commented on several items that might need his attention, items that weren't on the list I gave him. I appreciated his thoroughness.

The handyman did something very basic and very simple. He looked at my house through outside eyes. I am in my house every day, so I don't notice those things that may not be just right. The same is true for church members and church leaders. They see their church on an ongoing basis, so they don't have the benefit of outside eyes.


After two decades of church consultation, a clear pattern emerged. These were the areas that engendered more comments and concerns from first-time guests. These areas are listed in order of frequency of response, and they deal only with physical facilities.
  • The women's restrooms. Almost 100 percent of the female guests we retained addressed this issue. They noticed first and foremost the cleanliness of the restrooms. Then they noticed the convenience of getting to the restrooms. Finally, they noticed the capacity of the restrooms. Did they have to wait in line? [complete article]


Good Leaders are Good Listeners: Four Ways to Improve
By Rick Warren

If you want to be effective in ministry, you'll need to be a good listener first . . . Most of us simply talk too much. James 1:19 says, "Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry." You may think you're already a good listener. But there's a big difference between hearing and listening.
  • Hearing is simply the vibrations that take place in your ear.
  • Listening is how you decode those vibrations in your brain.

Here are four tips to becoming a better listener.

  1. Withhold judgment and criticism from the start. Don't evaluate until you've heard and comprehended it all. [complete article
"God sets the lonely into families" (Psalm 68:6)

by Pastor Bob Tasler


Our son and his family just spent a week with us, and when they left a few days ago, our house suddenly became quiet. No more soft little feet pattering the floor at night, or quiet, expectant voices in the morning, or squeals of delight, or toys under foot. Their presence was a sweet blessing that can't be duplicated. Carol and I missed them the moment they headed down the jet way and we headed home.


We drove away from the airport with empty car sets and full hearts, a little sad but also glad. Sad they must leave, but glad they are healthy, loving, happy, and growing. That night we recalled how their father, our son, grew up so quickly and now knows a parent's love. He and Debbie are better parents than we were, more patient, playful and attentive. We thank God for that.


But they won't have loved them more than we loved him and his brother. Being part of a loving family is among the greatest of God's blessings.


Parenting is never over. It's not like making the final touchdown, spiking the ball and going home after the game. Being a parent is a thing for life, a forever relationship. When it's good, it's about the best experience one can know in life. When it's not, the remorse and regret can be overwhelming.


Psalm 68:6 says, "God sets the lonely into families." Families can be large or small, nearby or far away, emotionally close or distant. Whatever the case, they are still family and we need them.


An old man at a campground met a runaway teenage girl. As she told him why she left her family, he took a bundle of match sticks from his coat pocket, chose one of them and broke it. "This stick is you by yourself," he said. Then he tried to break the rest of the match sticks all at once, but he couldn't. "This is your family," he said. In the morning, she was gone, but in the place where she'd slept the old man found the small bundle of sticks.


Carol and I look forward to more grandchildren visits in the future, and I'm already mentally planning activities for when they come to Colorado again.


A tidy house is nice, but a messy one with love and laughter beats it any day.


Pastor Tasler writes a weekly message like the one above and emails it to hundreds of people around the country free. You may subscribe by emailing him at pbt45@ecentral.oom. 



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