time for a deep cleaning!                                            issue 4: april 2016
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Dear loyal readers:
Downsizing, trashing things you don't need, and changing business habits free you to use more of your brain. Read on to learn how to "spring clean" your life.

My footprint shrinks while my network grows -- just shy of 3,000 contacts on LinkedIn, in fact. Feel free to add me to your collection of business friends! Just click here.

Disruptively yours,
Nancy A. Shenker & 
trends & useful facts
Messy desk...clean head! Cleaning ones office can actually hamper creativity, according to this article. But whether your desk is cluttered or spotless, it has 400 times more bacteria on it than a toilet seat. Yuck!

Cleanse your brain! What you eat affects your mental function, according to Harvard. (I hear those guys are pretty smart.)

Keep your thoughts spotless too! Of course, fun naughty things are permitted, but here are 12 types of thinking that disrupt productivity. 
be content (formerly blog...blog...blog)
Why the title change? We're going beyond the blog to create content that delivers leads and ROI and flows across all media! Contact us if YOU need great writing for your business!

Boom...boom...sheBOOM! We launched this online women's community this month (for the service industry), and traffic is booming! Just click here or on the picture at right to sheBOOM! Thank you Booker
for this great opportunity! 

Speaking of awesome experiences, you can join me in Austin, Texas on Monday, May 16th for fast-paced career and problem-solving advice at BIA/Kelsey ENGAGE. Use code sheBOOMENGAGE to attend the entire conference for $595 (normally $1,595!) or just attend the networking event for $75 with the code sheBOOMNETWORK. All the details are here

Tech Day was so packed with ideas and innovation that we had to produce three posts to cover the whole event. Find them all here

Spilled beer is not the only thing bars mopped-up in April. These social media tips apply to other industries too!
Every brand needs a refresh now and then. 

We produced a 24-page magazine for Farrell Building Company as part of their brand re-launch. (The big reveal is in May!) 

We also facilitated an imagination session for Asphalt Green's summer camp management and wrote copy for and developed a social media strategy for a new kind of home/office cleaning company (speaking of spring cleaning!) 
let's get digital: online marketing trends
Spring is a good time to clean-out your brain...
Electrify your thinking

...and replace stale ideas with new thoughts and trends. The Collision Conference this month was the ideal for that.

This SEO presentation from Moz was terrific! About.com's new site Verywell was announced at the show too...so you can tend to all your body parts!
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