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January 2014

issue 68

Business Muscle
Are you building business muscle?
How do we become stronger and more flexible in 2014?

It's been a tough one so far for many...the flu...the snow...the everyday distractions and unexpected occurrences that slow us down from reaching goals.
But just as we run, jab, spin, and lift with strains and bruises, we can build business muscle playing injured. Ice, stretch, and get back on the field. The fit will survive! Consider us as your marketing trainers this year!
yours in resilience...
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brains and brawn
transformers: trends & facts


You can't run well without track shoes

and you can't run a successful small business without a dedicated website. Yet, only 4 out of 10 have one, according to this article about 2014 digital trends. Ouch! Contact us if you're running behind.


Check it out. This is huge.  And those are just a few of the words that generate excitement in social media posts. See this infographic for the complete list. 
HIIT me with your best shot.  That's not a typo. It stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It's the top physical fitness trend of 2014. Consider it the Twitter of can be done in just 30 minutes.
For more trends and data about fitness (both mind and body), visit our Pinterest Boards!
Let's get physical!
Despite our digital obsession, handshakes and eye contact can build relationships. Read how here.
And live interactions can be chased by digital media, to solidify relationships Here's more.
Have a product or service or story that's blog-worthy? Contact us today! 
new terrain & teammates
more amps: what's fresh?
theONswitch settled into our new space at Bryant Park. We often get our exercise by walking up and down the 6 flights of stairs...we've made lots of new WeWork co-working friends in the stairwells too!)   Ski team
Two new PR (traditional and digital) contractors have joined our team. 
We're also delighted to announce that Gretchen, our high school intern, is back us on February 1st. (She got into college, so she can catch her breath this semester!)
We're zipping along (with an awesome team) to launch our new website next month! Here's where we are in the meantime. 
Still don't have a marketing and social media plan for 2014? We can create one with you speedy-quick.
no dumbbells here!
grow a bigger brain in just 30 minutes!

Register now for this great FREE 3 women posing with weights workshop series on Thursday, January 30th. It's the best exercise you can do while sitting down!
who's in great shape?
new clients & new work 
The girls of tomorrow have a well-lit track at Camp Lantern Creek
in Montgomery Texas! We're coaching this 3 women with legs in air new summer camp on program ideas, marketing, social media and PR.
The gold medal for media buzz this month goes to client Rebecca Scanlon of THE GOOD DISH. We helped her win this great feature story.
Fans of Camp Breezemont
will be moving and shaking this summer, as we handle PR and social media marketing for our new client.
SCORE! See below for the Superbowl event being produced by MTK Tavern.
team spirit!
plug into events 
Whether you're watching the ball or the commercials, you'll be loving the crowd and the food at MTK Tavern's indoor tailgate party next Sunday, February 2nd.
After we watch the plays, we'll be back to work, giving camp directors a pep talk on  the latest digital trends at the American Camp Association National Conference on February 4th.
Planning an event you'd like us to help promote? Please contact us!
this sure ain't zumba
quirky and timeless stuff 
Save some money on your gym membership this month and do this instead. 
Rhythmic Exercises (1950)Or perhaps the Bongo Board should make a comeback!
Resculpt your resume and your boards: TIPS FOR January
Woman on workout machine One way to draw attention to yourself on the web is to have a visual profile. Vizify is a cool tool that draws from your social media profiles to create a "picture of your life.
You can even create a video of all your Twitter activity for last year. Here's mine.
Pinterest now allows you to pin GIFs to your boards. Here's the first one we pinned. (Did you know that dancing can not only make you fitter, it can make you smarter? True!)

Keep in touch and watch for our next "Love is All You Need" edition!
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