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October 2015

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Headlines in Perspective: European Refugee Crisis 

Photo: Most of the displaced have been unable to flee Syria into neighboring countries. (stock)  


Millions of innocent people are displaced in what has been called the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Homes are broken and families are being torn apart as a result of civil war in Syria that has lingered on into its fifth year. Many caught in the middle have crossed the Syrian border into neighboring countries and beyond, including Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and parts of Eastern Europe. Millions more, stuck within the Syrian border, have been left homeless and hopeless. Instead of simply putting a Band-Aid on the escalating refugee crisis, the Church of God is seeking long-term, holistic approaches. Ken Oldham, pastor for Global Strategy to Egypt, cuts through the confusion to the heart of the matter.






Church of God Urges Prayer for Roseburg, Oregon

Photo: Multitudes gather for prayer at a park on the evening of October 1, 2015. Photo by Jon Nutter  


Senseless violence has yet again shaken the country as news of a deadly shooting surfaced from the city of Roseburg, Oregon. The October 1, 2015, tragedy is only just beginning to send shockwaves through the city, which lies about 180 miles south of Portland. Our Church of God congregation, Hucrest Community, opened its doors to the public for anyone who would like to pray. Prayer is what is so desperately needed at a time like this, and we invite the Church of God across the country and around the world to pray. Please remember the wounded, the friends and family of the deceased, Umpqua Community College, Pastor Jon Nutter, the congregation he serves, and the entire Roseburg community in your prayers. Thank you.


In an update on social media, Pastor Jon Nutter said, "Pastors are responding in a unified manner to the needs presenting themselves. Houses of prayer are open...please pray for our community to come together."

The Shelter, Cuttack, India: See it for Yourself!

Photo: Grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren of woman who was brought to the Shelter at three months old in 1919.


You've heard the stories. You've seen the pictures. Nothing can compare, however, to seeing it for yourself. The Shelter in Cuttack, India, has protected the lives of countless girls for more than a hundred years. Church of God Ministries is excited to make it possible for you to visit the Shelter this coming February for the experience of a lifetime. Project Link connects your passion, for ministry and missions, with vital mission projects of the Church of God. After a year of fighting against human trafficking, it's time to see the faces of those we're fighting for!


Sign up for the upcoming trip, scheduled for February 11-21, and expect to visit the Shelter with its directors Asim and Mamata Das. There will be opportunities to build relationships with the residents of the Shelter and see how God is using the ministry to protect, disciple, and empower young girls who could otherwise end up on the streets. You'll see the work that is being done on a new dormitory to expand the capacity of the Shelter.




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