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What a great start we've had to this school year! We've had great turnouts for our Wildcat Experience for incoming freshman as well as our Super Thursday Open House/Curriculum Night, and our first day of school represents an exciting new beginning to another great journey.  

We always say that our students are more successful when they don't simply attend "a" school but when they attend "their" school. By this we mean that our most successful students choose to invest in the full school experience. They are aware of support networks, academic opportunities, and extracurricular offerings and fully engage in them. I would add to this that our most successful students often have parents/family members who are actively engaged in their learning experience. 

As we begin another exciting year, I would encourage you to actively participate in your student's education. This includes participating in conversations with your student about the details of their school day, logging on to the parent portal, communicating with your student's teachers, and playing an active part in the life of our school. We have an active and supportive PTSA, Cluster Foundation, strong booster/support organizations, and the list goes on. 

Please join us as we look forward to another successful and exciting year at Duluth High School.









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