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Our bodies are made to run! evidenced by the length of our legs, the shock absorption in our feet, our ability to tap into stored fat for that we can run farther! 


This is how our forefathers hunted, gathered food, and fled danger.  Think back to your childhood; it was the most natural movement on the playground! 


Let's take running back! 


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Illinois Kickoff - March 8 at the Edwardsville Library.


St. Louis Kickoff - March 8 at Forest Park Visitors Center.


More information to follow!  Space is limited.


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  January 2014


Our running community didn't sleep in on New Year's Day! They woke up early and put their running shoes on.  Why?

RunWell's annual Resolution Run!  70+ runners started the year off right by running our 3 mile route that zigzagged through the City streets to make "2014" on our Garmin's!
At 8:00AM sharp, we hit the streets.  Starting from RunWell, we followed arrows and cones to mark the route.  There were many successful 2 0 1 4 on Garmin's when we finished!  Although, many complaints about the hilly "4."  Sorry about that!  After the run, RunWell chefs (Rachel and Andrea) made homemade whole wheat, BLUEBERRY protein pancakes with greens (alfalfa grass, spinach, and kale)!  We had regular ones too! 
Thanks to members of the community who donated blueberries, orange juice, champagne, coffee creamer, a second griddle, a WHOLE box of napkins/forks/sugar packets/coffee cups and maple syrup!

Thanks to all who came out to start the New Year out right!  This was a FREE community run event!
Let's keep it going! 
Join us for weekly group runs! 

When running, your body will burn through the blood glucose and muscle glycogen first.  After that, your body will need to tap into your fat stores in order to keep going.  In order to burn fat, your body needs two things: Oxygen and Carbohydrate.  Fat burns in a carbohydrate flame.  If you run out of either of these two things - you will hit what is commonly referred to as "THE WALL." 

read more....

January 12, 5:00PM - BRAVE ENDEAVORS!
Each month, 100+Project and RunWell bring you a series of talks featuring local, endurance athletes doing amazing things!  This month, we have a funky bunch!  The Funky Prairie Chickens!  This group has ran the River to River Relay every year since its inception....26 years ago?  The River to River Relay is an 80 mile run from the Mississippi River to the Ohio River.  Teams of 8 cover the distance running the equivalent of 3 5K's, with a couple hours in between.  How about running the relay in a chicken suit?  The route is hilly and sometimes HOT.  Join us for this entertaining night of story-telling.  Ask all your River to River Relay questions to these experts!  There will be a great slideshow with plenty of race footage.  Hope you can make it!  This is a FREE community event! 

January 16, 6:30PM (Adult) and January 18, 10:00AM (Youth)
LEARN FROM THE PRO! Edwardsville native, sub-4 minute miler, and Olympic Trials semi-finalist, Stephen Pifer will host a series of natural running workshops at RunWell! EVERY RUNNER can benefit from this INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP SERIES! Click for Running Workshop Details


Jan 18, 2014 @ 8:00AM - Kick off RunWell Full marathon training programs for runners training for a spring marathon! The St. Louis GO! is our goal race.  Cost is $85 for the Program!  Click for Full Marathon Training Program Details 
Jan 25, 2014 at 5:00PM - RunWell Movie Night. 
RunWell presents  "A Race for the Soul!" Featuring ultra runner Scott Jurek!       

Feb 1, 2014 @ 8:00AM - Kick off RunWell Half marathon training programs for runners training for a spring half marathon! The St. Louis GO! is our goal race.  Cost is $50 for the Program!  Click for Half Marathon Training Program Details 


Hope to see you at a RunWell event soon!  Call us for more details on any of the events listed above or with your ideas for future events!  618.659.9903 

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Inov-8's Fascia Band mimics the 'Windlass Effect' delivering a kick of energy with each step, helping you run more efficiently. The Meta-Flex™ is a groove in the forefoot that provides a natural flex point in the shoe, allowing the forefoot to function naturally with each step. 
RunWell is a full service running specialty store!  Our goal is to keep you running!  We conduct form/gait analysis, along with analysis of your foot type and pronation, including video capture of your foot pronation to allow us to select appropriate footwear for your needs!  Come by and check us out!  
Jen Schaller
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