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Join us for weekly group training runs!

All paces and distances welcome!


MON - 6:30PM

(Speedwork: we start at RunWell and run down to Lincoln Middle School.  I write an interval program for us.  Misery loves company!  C'mon out!)


WED - 6:30PM

(Run/drink (i.e. my favorite day of the week!) - Mid-week accountability run!  There are short cut options.  After, we support the local economy at an area restaurant/bar)


SAT  - 7:00AM  

(Longer mileage run - water dropped at the halfway point) 

August Recap! 



Community Events and Outreach



ProRehab discussed Astym and Lower Kinetic Chain Issues!


Lorraine with Right Balance conducted a nutrition discussion sponsored by Hammer Nutrition!


Dr. Nelson with Next Step Foot & Ankle Center discussed Plantar Fasciitis


Jenny with Destination Travel discussed organizing a destination race




Running Magazine Read & Swap!


How it works: 


Take it, read it, then swap it for another one! 


Have old magazines to donate?  Great! 

Drop off your old Runner's World and Running Times magazines at RunWell!  We recycle them in our Read & Swap program!  






RunWell is proud to participate in the Soles4Souls Shoe Recycle Program!




Drop off your old running shoes at RunWell.  We will ship them to the Soles4Souls distribution center where they will be transported to people in need.  Soles4Souls has distributed over 17 million pairs of shoes to 128 countries. 

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             September 2013



Dear Runners -                                                   


We have several great events planned for the Fall!  We look forward to seeing you on the trails, at local races, or at an upcoming RunWell event.  We hope you enjoy reading this month's Newsletter!  We've been having a lot of fun and helping a lot of runners.


Let us know how we can help you reach all of your running goals in 2013!



Store Owner, RRCA Certified Running Coach, Ironman Triathlete, Boston Finisher & Lover of Running! 


RunWell Celebrates Runners in the Community! 


Jorge G. - Running 4 marathons in 4 days!

Mark V. - Training for full marathon in Chicago

Marsie G. - Training for full marathon in Chicago

John D. - Training to Chicago Marathon time goal

Erica H. - Training for first full marathon

Jay H. - Training for first full marathon

Cara G. - Training for first half marathon

Don L. - Training for first half marathon,  MO' CowBell

Taraji S. - Training for first 10K

Yvonne B. - Training for first half, MO' CowBell

Kristi D. - Training for first half, Rock-n-Roll in St. Louis

Karen W. - Training for Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon

Kris S. - Training for several half marathons and looking for a FULL!

Melissa W. - Training for Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon

Thomas B. - Training for full marathon time goal

Kelly M. - Training for half marathon

Erica K. - Training for full marathon

Vicki R. - Training for first half marathon Rock-n-Roll

Allison T. - Training for half marathon

Trent C. - Training for Tecumseh Trail Marathon

Luke K. - Training for Tough Mudder

Rob C.- Training for first half marathon



Nicole P. - Completed first 5K

Linda S. - Completed first 5K

Yvette B. - Completed first 5K

Renee G. - Completed first 5K

Renee S. - Completed first 5K

Marla D. - Completed first 5K

Sheila Z. - Completed first 5K

Anne T. - Completed first 5K




(please submit your Brag Board accomplishments to runwellcoaching@yahoo.com!)


Join us for a group run, special event or just stop by to say HELLO and let us know what you are currently training for!  We would love to brag on YOU! 

Keep pushing,
Jen Schaller

Join us for FREE Community Events at RunWell!



Nutrition Workshop Part II

September 14, 2013 @ 9:00AM - Sponsored by Advocare!

So, what is all the hype about? How can Advocare improve your performance, focus, oxygen uptake, recovery, and hydration during training and racing?  How can Advocare kick start your weight loss and increase your energy?  Join us for this informative workshop on Advocare products!  We will have samples, product info, and discounts!  Drew Dintelmann, the Athletic Trainer at Edwardsville High School, will lead the discussion!



Brave Endeavors! 

100+ Project and RunWell bring you a series of talks featuring HARD CORE local athletes who have done extraordinary endurance events. They will share their experiences, tips and tricks, and personal struggles! Join us for the discussion and then stay downtown for dinner!


September 14, 2013 @ 5:00PM at RunWell


Two cancer survivors, Ed Starrett and Ed Heigl, will share their stories of diagnosis, treatment and triumph!  They are avid cyclist and runners, who don't know the word "quit" or "can't."  Bring a friend and hear their inspiring stories! 


Ed Starrett - Ed was diagnosed with Stage IV non-hodgkins lymphoma. He went through six months of Chemo and tumor shrinking drugs. Miraculously, he was in remission for eight years. About two years ago, the cancer returned again. He had to go through much more aggressive chemotherapy. Upon finishing treatment, he decided to take up running and celebrated his 2nd remission by running the Mud Mountain 5k race in Edwardsville. Ed is also an avid cyclist and continues to maintain a very high level of fitness. He is also a strong advocate of diet and nutrition changes as a method of cancer prevention and is prepared to discuss his experience on this topic.



Ed Heigl - Ed H. is a graduate of St. Louis University.  He ran as an elite athlete and clocked close to a 4 minute mile and have run over 100 thousand miles in over 40 plus years of running. Approximately 16 months ago he was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer that had metastasized to the liver with 3 tumors as large as baseballs and was given almost no hope of surviving. With feet, toes, fingers numb from the chemo treatments, he continues to log the miles with his chemo pump in tow!  



September 16, 2013 From 4:00PM - 7:000PM - Fall Back into Good Health! at Accelerate Health & Fitness 

RunWell is participating in the Health Fair at Accelerate Health & Fitness! Bring the entire family to Accelerate Health & Fitness for a FREE fun-filled evening of health and nutrition! There will be complimentary movement screenings, chair massages, samples, coupons, discounts, helpful information, and everything you need stay healthy!


September 28, 2013 @ 5:00PM - RunWell Movie Night! 


Septembers feature is Running on the Sun!  (Thanks Mark for the loan!) 

Forty runners compete in the most grueling race on earth, the Badwater. The film documents the trials and tribulations of these athletes as they run 135 miles through Death Valley in July and explores the motivations behind this seemingly masochistic contest. A celebration of the perseverance of the human will beyond the limits of the human body.


Popcorn/water provided...bring your own beverage of choice.

Join us once a month for the RunWell Movie Night series.  We will show running related short films and documentaries.  Send us your recommendations! 


Brave Endeavors! 

100+ Project and RunWell bring you a series of talks featuring HARD CORE local athletes who have done extraordinary endurance events. They will share their experiences, tips and tricks, and personal struggles! Join us for the discussion and then stay downtown for dinner!


October 19, 2013 @ 5:00PM 



Shane Perrin professional stand up paddleboarder and founder of SUP St. Louis.  Shane is currently working on a documentary of his amazing 340-mile paddle on a stand up paddleboard (SUP) down the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Charles in October 2011. Shane competed in the 6th annual Missouri River 340 and became the first person to attempt, as well as, first to complete the race on an SUP. This historic achievement contributed greatly to his rise to fame in the stand up paddling community, and it propelled him to accomplish further incredible feats on an SUP.  Shane will show us his documentary and share his story with us!  Shane will begin training for a 1,000 mile race later this year!!  Come out and meet him!  


Follow his blog at http://shaneperrin.blogspot.com/


From Shane:  My passion is racing ultra distance races on a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) to show it can be done but also for the personal challenge. I love being on the water and teaching stand up to anyone interested. It is my sport. It is my love. It is my adventure.



Upcoming FREE community events include:

Shin Splint Seminar, Form & Gait Clinic, Core Strength Routine, and MORE!  Submit your suggestions for seminars to runwellcoaching@yahoo.com


Like us on Facebook for details of upcoming events!

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RunWell has Merrell's!


M Connect Series - The connection, speed and glove like fit of Merrell Barefoot now with the added cushioning for all your running adventures!  Connect to your world!




RunWell has an entire corner of the store dedicated to nutrition!  We strive to provide products that are organic, vegan, and whole food!  Athletes need foods that can be readily converted into energy, foods that will help repair and rebuild muscle tissue, and restore glycogen levels, foods that will fortify vital organs, and not create excess waste that our bodies have to transport and store.   
If you're consuming foods that are overly processed, contain excess fat and calories, are over-cooked and lacking vital nutrients, you will feel sluggish during training and may not be able to complete the workout!
Help your body perform for you!  Shop our EatWell nutrition section!


Recliner to Runner Group

Kicks Off!  

18 trainees kicked off our Fall Recliner to Runner session last week!  They successfully completed Week #1 and are pressing on!  Each week, we will go a little farther, and learn something new related to running.  This week, we will go through a cross training routine with Erica at Complete-Fitness in Edwardsville!  Bring it on Erica!
Individual Coaching 
Want to run faster? Improve your form, gait, balance, efficiency, strength, cadence, oxygen uptake and more through individual coaching with RunWell!  Many runners who want to run faster go out and over-stride.  This is NOT the way to gain speed!  Through the use of drills and exercises, we can improve your stride length and cadence. 
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