The Jungle, The People and The Fish That Could Save It All...
Catch & Release Project - North Rupununi, Guyana
Thousands of indigenous people. 12 Amerindian Communities. Three Lodges. One Region. One Cluster. One Endangered Fish. This is the essence of the Catch and Release Sport Fishing project in the North Rupununi, Guyana.

The project has benefited from a USD500,000 Compete Caribbean grant which supported the Cluster comprising three lodges - Karanambu, Surama and Rewa - to develop an internationally competitive and sustainable sport fishing cluster in Guyana, with increasing profits for the SMEs and improved quality of life for the surrounding communities.  

To sustain the catch and release activities, the cluster has developed and intends to engage the Government of Guyana to consider enforcement of catch and release protocols based upon scientific research and specialised training undertaken by Compete Caribbean commissioned consultants Lesley de Souza, Ilze Berzins and Matthew Breuer.

These protocols are necessary for the catch and release sport fishing business to be sustainable in the long term. Follow the journey in an expertly produced GoPro video above.
Save Energy, Save Money, 
Save the Environment...
Caribbean LED Lighting (CLL) is on a mission to be the primary supplier of high quality, economical LED lighting solutions to tropical regions by sourcing and creating innovative renewable products specifically tailored to their climatic needs. its commitment is to provide customers with cost effective lighting solutions that improve the environment, while reducing operating cost and carbon footprint. Compete Caribbean is funding research and development. Read More
Eco-Friendly Handbags
The Reach Hamilton Estate Community Group (RHCG) launched in 2008, championing numerous environmental and youth rehabilitative efforts in St. Kitts and Nevis. The firm produces handbags out of raw natural materials providing opportunities for at risk youth. These handbags offer an innovative solution to development problems by making creative use of the Hamilton community's natural resources and recyclables. Read More about this Compete Caribbean funded project.
PFW Director Jim Aronson
 shows off a sample of PFW feed

Grenada Benefiting Significantly from PFW Plant
In Grenada, the Compete Caribbean funded the Protein from Waste (PFW) project has helped Grenada move past many environmental, health, economic and social challenges to create a multitude of opportunities, develop true sustainability and enable some Grenadians to take charge of their own futures. Director of PFW, Jim Aronson discloses: "350 tons of organic waste will now be diverted annually from the nearby landfill." Read More and More
Grenada...Reaching For A 
Sustainable Future... 
Love nature? Then Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique are places to put on your bucket list. These islands have a wide variety of beauty spots still in their natural state. Interact with wildlife in their natural habitats; trek through rain-forests and uncover the most magical waterfalls; plus, you can even stand at the mouth of a dormant volcano. Compete Caribbean provided technical assistance to develop the new and emerging Pure Grenada brand. View Above and Read More 
Ensuring the Full and Effective Functioning of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy in the Environmental Sphere

Of crucial importance to the proper functioning of the CSME, inter alia, is the maintenance of a healthy, functioning and productive natural environment within which goods and services are produced and from where they would be deemed acceptable by our trading partners because of the environmental considerations ingrained in their production. Read More

Renewable Energy: Best Practises - Latin America and the Caribbean
A snapshot of some of the best practices in the promotion and use of renewable energy, and provides practical examples of the development of renewable energy markets that Latin America and the Caribbean can replicate. Read More

Value Chain Analysis of the CARIFORUM Ecotourism Industry
CARIFORUM countries have identified a number of priority industries and niche sectors that span manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, and other service sectors, which are viewed as having strong potential to contribute to economic growth and development. Read More

Strengthening Sustainable Agriculture in the Caribbean
An assessment of the sustainable agriculture sector in five countries of the Caribbean region: Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Guyana, and Jamaica. It analyzes the constraints to its further development and aims to share lessons learned from existing experiences. Read More
What's Happening Otherwise...

My PADI Story: 
Andre Miller, Ambassador for Conservation
"My PADI allows me to influence the next generation." - Andre Miller

Andre Miller is a marine scientist, PADI Dive Center owner and Master Scuba Diver Trainer. He's a passionate leader of the conservation movement in Barbados, dedicated to coral reef restoration and inspiring the next generation of ocean caretakers. His vision is to extend his passion to the entire Caribbean. View his story above.