December 2015
Compete Caribbean Helping Teleios "Run the World"!

Ronald Hinds
Accessing funds to conceive, design and develop software solutions ahead of proven market demand made Compete Caribbean's grant to Teleios invaluable.

So said Chief Executive Officer of Teleios Systems Limited, Ronald Hinds who explained: "From Teleios' inception in 1997, our tagline 'Software to Run the World' was symbolic of our global vision in spite of our birth in a small twin-island nation (Trinidad and Tobago)."

Teleios QuikWorx was one of several Teleios projects that required building a solution well ahead of any possibility of earning revenue. Historically, Teleios has earned revenue from the sale of services delivered by software platforms developed in-house. This approach required a great deal of time and money to conceive, design and develop solutions ahead of proven market demand.  

QuikWorx is a platform that allows businesses and other organisations to significantly reduce the cost and effort involved in automating work processes. QuikWorx and its business model has evolved as a result of markets being engaged. 

He further pointed out: "We are now poised to greatly expand our service delivery footprint by leveraging the Microsoft Partner Eco-System.  Without the grant funding provided by Compete Caribbean, as the platform continues to be developed, it would have been difficult to sustain the rate of development. In addition to the funds, the demanding processes for accessing the funding has served to strengthen our internal processes. We are grateful to Compete for so much more than just the grant." 
Travel for a Purpose: Go Pure Grenada
Travel for a Purpose: Go Pure Grenada

As part of an intensive and sustained thrust to market Grenada's new destination brand: Pure Grenada, a series of videos have been launched including the one featured above.

This initiative is possible through the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association using grant funds provided by Compete Caribbean to re-position the island's brand identity to more closely align with the core niche sectors that have been identified as target markets. It will also be supported by the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association, as the private sector strives to live the brand by becoming more sustainable. 
Enhancing the Safety of Caribbean Skies

In modern times, aviation has revolutionized the way people travel across the world. People often complain about delays and flight duration, however planes are still considered the fastest mode of cross-continental  transportation. That being said, it is important to ensure that best practices are implemented and reformed frequently to keep pace with contemporary technology.

On November 11, an agreement was reached at the World Radio Communication Conference (WRC) in Geneva on the allocation of radio frequency spectrum for global flight tracking in civil aviation. 

Through joint technical assistance provided by Compete Caribbean and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU), the region is preparing to sign off on this agenda item. Work completed under the project informed the decision that proposed frequency bands to be used for aviation tracking were deployed in the OECS. 

According to the International Telecommunication Union this effort will "enhance safety in skies." This WRC agreement is timely given the recent aviation disasters earlier this year and will further minimize the risk of aircraft operating procedures in the Caribbean. It could even save lives! Read More
After the earthquake of 2010 destroyed his newly built factory and equipment, Haitian entrepreneur Duquesne Fednard was on the brink of giving up! Inspired by the commitment and dependence of his employees on the continued existence of the enterprise, Duquesne decided to press on and it's a good thing he did. The business today is doing well, selling 4,464 stoves in the first two quarters of 2015 and 2,561 in 2014, effectively providing a low cost, healthier cooking alternative to low income families and reducing the pressure on Haiti's severely depleted wood resources.
In 2014, Compete Caribbean provided support to Duquesne's Company D&E Green Enterprises to improve the firm's capacity to manufacture and distribute low cost, higher energy efficient cook stoves. The cost of cooking fuel is quite high in Haiti and consequently 95% of the population relies on charcoal and wood for their cooking energy needs. This places a significant burden on Haiti's forests and using traditional methods is unhealthy and unsafe. 
D&E's EcoRecho charcoal cookstove can cut charcoal consumption by as much as 50% and despite higher acquisition costs, (the most expensive model sells for US$12), a recent USAID study on the EcoRecho stoves shows that the 100 households that participated saved on average US$102 in energy costs over a year when using EcoRecho stoves to cook one meal per day. The name alone suggests its advantages as a more fuel efficient, healthy option. "Eco" is meant to suggest both economic and environmental properties and "recho" is the word for stove in Haitian Creole. The stove's design is based on that created by Ghana's Toyola company but has been adapted to Haitian users' tastes and cooking habits. Read More and Visit Website


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