The Caribbean's Energy Future: A Pathway For Regional Fiscal Stability
December 5, 2013 was an important milestone in the Caribbean's energy related future. It was on that date in Washington, DC that key persons presented and discussed the potential for natural gas as a fuel for power generation in the region among other related topics.
We invite you to click on the links below to access two thought-provoking documents which shaped the discussions at this important meeting.
Energy Pre-Feasibility Study                          Energy Matrix
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Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives in the Caribbean:
Realities From the field
Industrial agriculture today is very energy intensive: Inputs for agriculture have increased significantly, particularly for land preparation, fertilizer (primarily nitrogen), and irrigation.
This is also reflected in the close correlation between crop and oil prices, making high input agriculture even less profitable under higher energy costs and exceedingly volatile for consumers. The full production and supply chain accounts for around 30% of total global energy demand. 
The study below provides an assessment of the sustainable agriculture sector and an analysis of the constraints to its further development in the region. It also aims to share the lessons learned from existing undertakings or experiences, in order to identify gaps and opportunities and the policies and practical steps that can promote sustainable agriculture. 
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