March, 2014

On March 14th, Compete Caribbean launched the Treasure Beach Community Tourism cluster project in Jamaica.
IDB Jamaica Country Representative, Therese Turner-Jones addressing the Treasure Beach Press Conference


The inauguration included a press event with a panel featuring the IDB Country Office Jamaica Representative, Therese Turner-Jones; Canadian High Commission First Secretary for Development, Kelly Thompson;  Treasure Beach Citizens Group Chairman, Elliston Deleon; and

Treasure Beach Foundation Director, Jason Henzell.


The panel spoke to the media and cluster members about the importance of this targeted intervention by Compete Caribbean to enable the cluster to further develop the tourism potential of the area and to market a unique brand of tourism.


It is anticipated that this project will result in improved marketing, increased employment, increased revenues and a diversification of service offerings for cluster members. This community cluster incorporates a wide range of members that are seeking to work together to develop a trajectory for tourism in their community; these members include small hotels, villas, guest houses, restaurants, tour companies and operators, fishermen and farmers.

Cluster members with Compete Cluster Project Development Officer, Louise Armstrong and Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, Christine Scott-Dunkley


Yet another cluster was launched by Compete Caribbean in March - the Sports Fishing cluster project in Guyana.


Compete Caribbean held a workshop with cluster members to define the procedures for implementation of the project. This venture is to improve the capacity and competitiveness of the cluster while introducing and marketing catch and release sport fishing as a viable eco-tourism product.


Costa Del Mar, an international sunglasses manufacturer, has been instrumental in supporting the cluster to develop a sports fishing tourism model that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Costa Del Mar is coordinating with Compete Caribbean to continue its assistance to the cluster by contributing resources to the Compete Caribbean cluster project.


High Commission of Canada Development Officer, Anand Harrilall applauded the cluster for its efforts as he spoke to the potential of the cluster model for replication in other communities seeking to strike the balance between economic development and environmental conservation.


This cluster project is designed by the cluster, for the cluster, to develop on their own terms while prioritizing the preservation of natural resources and culture of indigenous peoples.



At the Caribbean Growth Forum (CGF)  Regional Event held in The Bahamas in June 2013, CGF countries issued The Bahamas Consensus CGF Communique in which they committed to start Phase 2 of the CGF by implementing the action plans and report openly every six months.


To date, three countries (Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Saint Lucia) have reported on their progresses and delays in implementation for the period August 2013-February 2014, through National Accountability Workshops.


The workshops helps to communicate progresses, highlight critical areas that deserve further support and engage the broader constituencies in finding constructive solutions to current challenges.


In this newsletter we share a summary of St. Lucia's successes as we have done in the past with the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.  


St. Lucia held its first Accountability Workshop on March 6th, 2014 in the presence of approximately 75 persons who listened attentively to St. Lucia Prime Minister Kenny Anthony who made a plea for accountability to be a culture. "...a way of life that promotes accounting at all levels of society, not just at the ever visible mountain top of the political directorate."  


He was joined by Sir Dwight Venner, Governor of the East Caribbean Central Bank who remarked that: "We now come to a very critical part of the process, that is, accountability. In this particular area, I would like to say up front that we do not perform very well in this region. We are not very good at assuming responsibility and even if we accept it, or it is thrust upon us, we take the opportunity to blame others for anything that goes wrong." 


He further added: "This leads to a lack of trust in our societies which is exemplified by a saying in some of our islands that - 'Partnership is a leaky ship'. Making this statement should be regarded as a treason felony as it fundamentally undermines the collective approach to development which is so critical in our small countries. It is for this reason that I welcome the continuity and specificity of the CGF in beginning this stage of the process." 


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