March 2014








Strontium - An old modality brings new treatment options to the VCC.

Recently the Veterinary Cancer Center added to their armamentarium in the fight against  cancer with a Strontium-90 superficial probe. A Strontium -90 probe is a radioactive probe that can be placed against a tumor to deliver high doses of radiation.  The benefit of this probe is that it emits very low energy radiation, so the radiation only penetrates 2-4 mm into the patient (about the thickness of two quarters). This means that for small...


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Experience Does Matter

A recently published article  showed that experience matters with robotic surgery. Surgeons may have to perform well over one thousand procedures before becoming fully proficient in performing robot-assisted radical prostatectomies.

Sloth fur may cure breast cancer and other diseases


The chemicals excreted by microbes in sloth fur had potent activity against a host of human pathogens, and even breast cancer cells, and possess anti-malaria and antibacterial properties.  The study found that  chemicals isolated from fungi in three-toed sloths were deadly for parasites that cause malaria.

Canine Lymphoma Vaccine' for the Treatment of Canine B-Cell Lymphoma

To assess the effectiveness of a vaccine with Emm55-expressing autologous tumor cells ('Canine Lymphoma Vaccine') in canine patients diagnosed with B cell lymphoma. If you believe your dog may qualify contact your local veterinarian for more details.


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