March 2014


The 8th Annual Veterinary Cancer Center Continuing Education Lecture!

The Veterinary Cancer Center (VCC) proudly presents our 8th Annual Continuing Education for Connecticut and New York Veterinarians. This lecture, which focuses on Palliative Care for Animals with cancer, is being held in association with the Westchester-Rockland VMA (WRVMA) for 2.0 NY-SED/ WRVMA continuing education credits. This course has also been  

submitted (but not yet approved) for the indicated hours of continuing education credit in hurisdictions which recognize AAVB's RACE and NYS CE approval.





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Case of the Month

Sophie is an 11 year-old, female spayed Tibetan terrier.  She presented to the Veterinary Cancer Center in May of 2012 after a one-week history of vomiting, diarrhea, hyporexia and episodes of increased respiratory effort. An abdominal ultrasound prior to presentation revealed multiple hepatic masses, a duodenal mass and a mass..




Strontium 90 - An old modality brings new treatment options to the VCC

Recently the Veterinary Cancer Center added to their armamentarium in the fight against  cancer with a Strontium-90 superficial probe. A Strontium -90 probe is a radioactive source housed in a small cylinder that can be placed against a tumor to deliver high doses of radiation.  




Clinical Trial - Canine Lymphoma Vaccine for the Treatment of Canine B-Cell Lymphoma

Study Objective: To assess the effectiveness of a vaccine with Emm55-expressing autologous tumor cells ('Canine Lymphoma Vaccine') in canine patients diagnosed with B cell lymphoma.


Eligibility Requirements: Patients must have confirmed evidence of B-cell lymphoma; Patients must not have had chemotherapy or radiotherapy prior to...




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