February 2014


Half Body Radiation - Another Weapon in the Fight Against Lymphoma in Dogs

As an oncologist, one cancer that I find can be the most satisfying to treat in dogs is lymphoma.  Most dogs with lymphoma will go into remission after only a few treatments and they will often stay in remission for months.  During this time, aside from having to come to see the oncologist for treatment, their quality of life is often very good.  Once they get into remission owners often report that they are running, playing or just living their normal life as if they never had cancer.



Clinical Trial


The VCC currently have two clinical trials available. One is a funded trial for dogs with lymphoma and the other is for a cancer types that have solid tumors.


Case of the Month

A 9 year old FS Labrador Retriever was referred to the VCC after an abdominal mass was palpated during a routine wellness exam.  An AUS revealed a 5.3 cm heterogenous, hypoechoic right sublumbar mass and a 14-16 mm splenic nodule. 




Every pet owner needs a quarterback on the team

Have you heard the expression -"the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know"? Socrates is credited with the sentiment, if not the exact expression.

When I read a recent article in the February 1, 2014 issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association about neutering, cancer and behavior problems, I immediately thought of Socrates.




CE Trip to the Serengeti Wildlife

This trip is for anyone with a sense of adventure, who wants to see some of our planet's more unique (and vanishing) wildlife and culture, and wants to do it in style. If you are interested in digital photography then you are in for even more of a treat. Dr. Palazzolo (or Dr. P., as he is known) combines his knowledge of photography and exotic animal veterinary
medicine with the expert knowledge of our naturalist guides for a perfect combination of wildlife viewing and outstanding photography.





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