January 2014

Evolution of an Individual's Cancer Can Be Tracked Cell by Cell


In August, when a group of physicians writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association proposed that some precancerous conditions should no longer be labeled as cancer, the recommendation was supported by studies showing that advances in the detection of these conditions haven't reduced the incidence of invasive cancers. Indeed, precancerous conditions such as ductal carcinoma in situ - abnormal cells in part of the breast that have not spread - can progress to cancer but often don't, raising...
Clinical Trial


The VCC currently have two clinical trials available. One is a funded trial for dogs with lymphoma and the other is for cancers types that have solid tumors.



New Funded Clinical Trial - Personalized Cancer Vaccine for Dogs


ImmuneFX is a personalized multi-indication cancer therapy that primes and educates the immune system to recognize and kill tumor cells throughout the body without damaging normal cells or tissues. This powerful new tool in the arsenal of cancer-fighting therapies is now available at The Veterinary Cancer Center. Click below to see eligibility requirements or call us at 203-838-6626.

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Happy Holidays from Dr. Post 


I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season. Although we try to celebrate each and every day, we often are distracted by the busy lives we all lead.  This holiday season I want to slow down and publically thank three special groups of people.


Sometimes the "where" matters.

When scientists write about themselves, others or our profession, the topics are often about the "whats". What we do, what topics or areas of interest do we have, or what we produce in terms of research. However, sometimes, the "where" is the most important question.

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