November 2013


News: Dr. Farrelly named associate editor for Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound


At the 2013 ACVR meeting in October in Savannah, Georgia, our radiation oncologist/medical oncologist Dr. John Farrelly was named as an associate editor for the journal, Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound.  This journal serves as one of the most influential sources of information for primary research on the use of radiation therapy for treating cancer as well as diagnostic imaging in all animals. 



Clinical Trial


The VCC currently has two funded clinical trials available. One trial is for dogs with lymphoma and the other is for dogs that have solid tumors.





Bony Lesion Involving the Left Front Limb - Rottweiler (case study)
A 7 year old male castrated Rottweiler was presented to the VCC for further evaluation of a bony lesion involving the left front limb.  The owner noted that the patient recently developed a mild left forelimb lameness, and limb radiographs performed by her primary veterinarian revealed an aggressive lytic lesion of the left distal ulna.




CVMA endorses Bank of America Merrill Lynch 

The Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association recently endorsed Bank of America Merrill Lynch on August 14th, as a provider of services to member practices. 

The CVMA Executive Committee carefully made this decision by comparing products, services, and rates for several competitive banks.  The Committee determined that Bank of America Merrill Lynch provided superior opportunities that we believe can best affect the quality of member practices, and the CVMA. 




New Technology for Diagnosing and Treating Cancer in our Pets

 We see technological advances all the time in our lives and in our practice.  Things that we couldn't even imagine ten years ago are happening every day.  I am going to reveal my age here, but when I first started practicing as a veterinarian few private practices had X-ray machines, and all of them used film for radiographs.



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