November 2013





Dr. Farrelly named associate editor for Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound


At the 2013 ACVR meeting in October in Savannah, Georgia, our radiation oncologist/medical oncologist Dr. John Farrelly was named as an associate editor for the journal, Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound.  This journal serves as one of the most influential sources of information for primary research on the use of radiation therapy for treating cancer as well as diagnostic imaging in all animals.
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New Technology for Diagnosing and Treating Cancer in our Pets

We see technological advances around us every day.  Things that we couldn't even imagine ten years ago are happening every day.  I am going to reveal my age here, but when I first started working with computers the text was green on a black background and graphics were cursor-sized boxes.  Today you might be reading this on a smartphone while walking through the park.

New Technology for the Treatment of Nasal Tumors in Dogs and Cats

Nasal tumors are one of the most challenging tumors to treat in dogs and cats.  These tumors usually fill up one or both sides of the entire nasal cavity and sinuses.  In the skull of a dog or cat, this means that the tumor often wraps around the eyes and the brain and it usually lies just above the palate.

Summary of Melanoma White Paper

A landmark paper was recently published in one of the most prestigious human medical journals, Pigment Cell and Melanoma Research. This study, partially funded by Animal Cancer Foundation ( showed that oral and digital melanomas in dogs serve as a model for certain aggressive melanomas in people.


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