Photos by Steve Valenti


Congratulations to the Pawtriots for Win VetOlympics 2013!

Sincere thanks to our competing veterinary hospital teams for making the 1st Annual VetOlympics a success! The efforts of all our Connecticut and New York teams allowed us to raise needed funds for Animal Cancer Foundation's efforts to cure pet & human cancer.


Opening ceremonies included remarks by lead sponsors Bank of America.  Costumed teams then took the field in games of physical and mental challenge to decide who would be crowned "The Greatest Veterinary Hospital in the World."  Each teams showed agility, strength, and spirit as they battled for points in team building events like "The Stream Crossing", "The Human Knot", "The White Lie", "Minute to Win It", and "Puzzle".



Clinical Trial


The VCC currently have two clinical trials available. One is a funded trial for dogs with lymphoma and the other is for a cancer types that have solid tumors.





Dogs are Much More than Man's Best Friend!
Have you ever been told you look just like your favorite pet?  The similarity is more than just skin deep; recent studies comparing genetic similarities between dogs and people are demonstrating that we look a lot like our pets on the inside as well, sharing genetic pathways for developing disease. 




Dr. Farrelly publishes a paper giving more insight to the treatment of brain tumors
Our radiation oncologist/medical oncologist Dr. John Farrelly is one of the authors on a new scientific paper outlining radiation therapy for dogs with brain tumors. 



Local Hospitals are Invited to the First Annual OktoberVets - 2013

The Veterinary Cancer Center, with the support of our premier sponsor Bank of America, will be hosting a wine and beer tasting event during the first annual OktoberVets on October 24, 2013 - from 6-8:30PM!


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