August 2013







ACF Supports NCI Comparative Melanoma Tumor Board!
For years Dr. Post has talked about comparative oncology. Now after all this time, efforts to bring together expert human and veterinary pathologists to compare and contrast the histologic features and pathobiology of mucosal melanomas in humans and dogs is finally underway
By addressing mucosal melanoma in the context of multiple species, the board will seek consensus analysis aimed to further inform progress in melanoma research and to assess the utility of the dog as a preclinical model for mucosal melanomas in people.
Support for this collaboration was provided by the National Cancer Institute, the Canine Comparative Oncology and Genomics Consortium and the Animal Cancer Foundation




Clinical Trial


The VCC currently have two clinical trials available. One is a funded trial for dogs with lymphoma and the other is for a cancer types that have solid tumors.




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Study Shows that Lymphoma in Dogs and Humans is Almost Identical
Comparative oncologists have been investigating the links between canine and human cancers to develop effective treatments for both. They believe dogs with spontaneously occurring cancers are especially relevant models for human cancers because dogs and people share the same water, breathe the same air, and in some households eat the same food. One of the most common subtypes of cancer, lymphoma, appears to be identical in both dogs and people.






Radiation Side Effects for Veterinarians.
One of the goals of radiation oncology, both in people and in animals, is to use technology to minimize side effects to when treating with radiation.  However, there are many situations where we cannot or do not want to completely avoid normal tissues. 



The VetOlympics 2013
Veterinarians and the staff of local hospitals are invited to send their best to compete for pride and for glory in the 1st Annual VetOlympics. Teams of 5 shall participate and compete in interactive and "intellectual" events. 


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