June 2013





National Cancer Survivor's Day.

June is the time of year we celebrate National Cancer Survivor's Day. We have all been touched by cancer--whether it be personally, through a family member or pet. June is the time of year that we celebrate the tremendous advances we have and continue to make in cancer therapy. June is the time we celebrate those individuals, people and pets, that are cancer survivors



Clinical Trial


The VCC currently have two clinical trials available. One is a funded trial for dogs with lymphoma and the other is for a novel therapeutic agent for the treatment soft tissue sarcoma.




The Story of Capone Soden - an amazing dog!

My name is Carey Soden and I was asked to write the story of Capone, my dog. I first noticed Capone limping one night in mid May, 2012. He was always a very active and goofy dog so I assumed he must have hurt himself jumping or running around acting silly. His limp was still there after about 2 weeks so we made an appointment at a local veterinary hospital. After the veterinarian examined the right hind leg, he came to the conclusion that it was an torn ACL.


Active Clinical Trials at The Veterinary Cancer Center!

At The Veterinary Cancer Center we are always looking for the best ways to diagnose and treat cancer in pets.  It is because of this that we created our Clinical Trials Center, where in collaboration with Animal Clinical Investigation we evaluate new ways of treating and diagnosing cancer. We are currently accepting cases for two fully funded clinical trials: 


Pet Talk on Channel 12 News - Featured Dr. Gerald Post
Lauren Collier has always been an avid pet lover, you can catch her "Furry Friends Forecast" Saturday and Sunday evenings during her weathercast at 5:00 p.m., and "Pet Talk," her new talk show about all things pet-related every weekend, right here on News 12 Connecticut. Watch this great video featuring The VCC's very own Dr. Post.

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