May 2013





May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month!

Because 50% of dogs over 10 years of age die of cancer and because 4 to 8 million new cases of cancer in dogs and 4 to 6 million new cases of cancer in cats are diagnosed each year, pet parents consistently identify cancer as their number one health concern.

Awareness - having knowledge, informed of current developments




My Personal Experience at the Veterinary Cancer Center.

We first welcomed Daisy into are home in May of 2003.  She was my youngest daughter's first puppy and my eldest daughter's second.  Our first puppy was 4 at the time and was also an Aussie, like Daisy.  It was so much fun having the two dogs together, and they bonded immediately.  I discovered that it was just as easy and twice the fun having two dogs in our home at once.

Top 5 things you should now about radiation therapy for your pet
Finding out that your pet has cancer can often be a traumatic experience.  Most people have questions such as, "What can be done for my pets tumor?" or "Will treating my pets cancer cause a lot of pain and discomfort?"  

Clinical trials for pets occur in Connecticut
You've likely heard about clinical trials as an option  for people diagnosed with cancer, but have you ever heard about clinical trials for your pet? Baxter the Boxer lives in East Hartford with his 'pet parents' Joan Sevigny.....

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