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Dr. Post - Helping You Make an Informed Decision.
One of the most important things to know about chemotherapy and radiation therapy in dogs and cats is that it is NOT the same as in people; ninty percent of the pets we treat handle therapy incredibly well with little to no toxicity. In addition, most pets are treated as outpatients with visits typically lasting 30-60 minutes, so the time spent away from you is minimized as much as possible

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Max, our puppy, our companion, our friend for eleven years

Max joined our family as a puppy in the summer of 2001, a little less than a year after our first cherished Golden companion, Biff, died suddenly and prematurely from splenic torsion. From nippy rambunctious puppyhood to the mature calm and comforting companion that he became. Max was a major joy in our lives, an integral part of the rhythm of our days.


Hot off the Presses - New Study Shines Light On Radiation for Nasal Sarcomas.
A new study published in the March/April edition of Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound provides some very useful information about treating nasal sarcomas in dogs.
The Influence of Dogs on Human

A recent archeological dig found what is believed to be a dog's head carbon dated over thirty-one thousand years ago. Whether our relationship with dogs goes back twelve thousand years or a hundred thousand years the fact remains that our relationship with "man's best friend" goes back further than any other animal.

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