March 2013





Clinical Trial for Dogs with Lymphoma


Study Objective: 

We have a few spaces still open for our fully funded clinical trial for dogs with Lymphoma. This trial is for client-owned pet dogs that will be enrolled in this placebo-controlled study in dogs with measurable peripheral node lymphoma. The randomization of Investigational Product to placebo will be 1:1. Study patients will receive the Investigational Product or placebo at Day 0 and Day 7 of this 21-day study.
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Does Cancer Therapy Cost a Lot?

The answer is - it depends. It depends on the type of cancer, the aggressiveness of therapy desired, and the size of your pet. At The Veterinary Cancer Center (, we strive to ensure that pet owners have as many options as possible.

New Technology for the Treatment of Nasal Tumors in Dogs and Cats

Nasal tumors are one of the most challenging tumors to treat in dogs and cats.  These tumors usually fill up one or both sides of the entire nasal cavity and sinuses.  In the skull of a dog or cat, this means that the tumor often wraps around the eyes and the brain and it usually lies just above the palate.

A Happy Case of Feline Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

As veterinarians we all cringe when we discover that one of our feline patients has an oral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) due to the notoriously poor prognosis associated with this neoplasm.  In fact vivid memories of patients with this disease likely entered your mind as soon as you started reading this.


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