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Enhance Your Liquid Fertilizer Applications

Make the most of your early season liquid fertilizer application by using Hypro's Hi-Flow or ESI fertilizer nozzles. 


Hypro Hi-flow Spray Nozzle
Hypro Hi-flow Spray Nozzle
The Hi-Flow has Ultra Course (UC) to Extremely Course (XC) droplet sizes that reduce drift and makes sure your fertilizer hits the target. It's 140 degree angled spray allows for maximum overlap and little variation across the boom even in hilly fields.  



Hypro ESI Nozzle
Hypro ESI Spray Nozzle

The ESI is a six-stream nozzle designed for post emerge fertilizer application on small grains. The 120 degree spray pattern allows for use on your standard boom with no spray bar and has canopy penetration to cover the ground without burning your canopy and reducing yields. 


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