Advocacy Action Alert
Governor O'Malley Opposes Cancellation of MSA Testing

Even though 22 of 24 Maryland district school superintendents, including MCPS Superintendent Starr, teachers and their unions, many legislators in the Maryland General Assembly, and PTA councils and parents, including the MCCPTA and the PTA Council of Howard County, have taken a firm stand against testing our students on the no longer relevant Maryland School Assessment (MSA) this year, Governor Martin O'Malley opposes the cancellation of the testing.  Huh?  READ MORE
With all the snow days, wouldn't it make even more sense to spend March teaching our kids the material they've missed, rather than having them sit for a test that covers material we no longer teach and whose results, consequently, are meaningless? 
Please call Governor Martin O'Malley 410-974-3901 and let him know what you think; if the office is closed, leave a message.  And, while you're at it, CLICK HERE and send him an email with  your thoughts.  Even if the US Department of Education won't do the right thing, the Free State should. 
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