May 9, 2016 | Vol. 5, Issue 16 - Special Edition
Dear Colleagues,
As we begin the countdown to Commencement, I want to thank you for all of your hard work over the past year, as demonstrated by the success of our students and in the excellence of our faculty members' teaching and scholarship. We have many accomplishments to look back on as the academic year draws to a close: 
  • We created the Strategic Enrollment Plan (SEP), following many campus, unit and committee conversations and thoughtful comments and questions. Last week, the Board of Regents approved the SEP at its May meeting and the university signed an agreement with Shorelight Education
  • The Board of Regents also approved two new academic programs at its May meeting: Bachelor of Arts in Media X and Master of Science in Athletic Training
  • We are implementing the Academic Plan, and work is being done across the university in Water/Environmental Stewardship, Health, and the Liberal Arts, and with the expansion of programs on the Sacramento Campus
  • We used the COACHE Faculty Climate Survey results to identify communications, interdisciplinarity, and appreciation and recognition as priorities, and have taken steps in each of these areas
  • The Faculty Compensation Task Force efforts are actively underway, including a survey that is available until this Friday
  • We had our first WSCUC (WASC) campus visit, in preparation for Pacific's reaccreditation process
This summer, work will continue in some of these areas, including: 
  • Developing the SEP implementation plan with associated tactics and financial projections
  • Continuing work on Academic Plan Initiatives:
    • Water and Environmental Sustainability
    • Health
    • Support for Student Success (see Library article below)
  • The Faculty Compensation Task Force using results from the survey to guide its work on a compensation philosophy
I wish you the best as you work on final exams and grades, and wish you a wonderful, refreshing summer. I look forward to seeing you again in the fall.


Maria Pallavicini
The University Library has traditionally curated collections for students, faculty, staff and other community members to easily access, navigate and use. Now, the Library must evolve into much more than a system of repositories to serve as a full partner in promoting student academic success and faculty teaching excellence now and in the future, as guided by Pacific 2020 and as recommended in the Academic Plan

This spring, University of the Pacific contracted with a consulting firm, Credo, to assess and enhance the student experience in Stockton and Sacramento learning spaces, and to facilitate a re-visioning of how a University Library of the future would function ... More
A few days ago, with Board of Regents approval, the university signed a contract to partner with Shorelight Education, an organization that matches international students with appropriate universities and offers wrap-around support to help ensure every student experiences successful academic and social acculturation. Shorelight's charge is to recruit and educate individuals who will flourish as Pacific students and future alumni ... More

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