All Saints
January 16, 2013


Dear 6th, 7th and 8th grade families,

You will soon receive an email from Genesis. Genesis is the program used by The Diocese of Trenton Office of Education, our staff, and teachers, for record keeping and posting grades. The email will contain a user name and password for you to access your child's grades. You will be able to view your child's grades and assignments beginning January 22, 2013.


If you have technical problems with logging on or not being able to see your child's grade, please contact Susan Nardo at the school, via email at with the problem so we can forward the issue to the Diocesan Office of Computer Services for resolution.

Please remember that ultimately our students are responsible for their work and what grades they earn. While being able to see their grades daily is a technological advancement, it can also be a burden. Grades fluctuate sometimes dramatically so please do not panic at each change of grade, but rather look for the patterns. If you see a consistent pattern and would like to address it with the faculty, please feel free to contact the teacher via email at After you have reviewed the open portal for a week or two, please contact the teacher if you have any non-technical questions.


Thank you for your assistance in moving forward with this technology advancement and improving our communication with the parent community.




Sister Jeannette Daily