MSB New Hampshire Community Email | August 27, 2013  


Good Morning,


This is a friendly reminder that if you haven't already submitted your rates template to please do so.  The sooner we receive your completed rates template, the sooner your district will receive reimbursements.  We cannot submit any billing for your district until this information has been provided


Please click here to download the 2013-2014 rates template. 


Things to remember when completing your rates template:

  • Ensure all fields in the template are completed (Days per Year, Hours per Day, etc.). You can verify this by looking at the last column on the spreadsheet titled, "COST/UNIT WITH INDIRECT RATE". If you see #DIV/0! in this column, not all fields have been completed.
  • Include all Federally Funded staff, amount funded and whether or not you want us to bill for the staff member(s).
  • Include contracted staff and self-employed staff on this document as well.

Please email your completed rates templates to


Please note:

If your district would like to implement MSB's List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE) verification services, you must include each service provider's date of birth on the rate template. Please contact Kim Tortoriello if you would like more information regarding MSB's LEIE verification services.