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MSB NH Community Email | July 11, 2013  


Good afternoon!


Attached please find "Transportation Billing and how it's done" documentation. Please review this important information at your earliest convenience.


To maximize reimbursement for your SAU, please be aware that in addition to contracted transportation vendors, a SAU is able seek reimbursement for In-District buses, as well as for transportation provided by parents, as long as the transportation is in line with  State requirements for Medicaid reimbursement as outlined in the attachment.


Parental transportation logs can be found on our website under our resource section


For In-District buses, please forward all cost information for the current school year to MSB at your earliest convenience.


Cost Information Includes:

  • Driver Costs
    • Salary information (yearly or cost per hour)
    • If hourly, number of driving hours per day  
    • Costs for benefits-health/dental, retirement
    • Number of days in the year that the driver is employed
    • Please also send separate costs for summer drivers if applicable
  • Bus Costs:
    • Purchase or lease costs appropriately attributable to the fiscal year
    • Insurance
    • Vehicle Depreciation
    • Fuel and maintenance costs
    • Costs for repairs/parts
    • Number of days during the year that costs can be appropriately allocated to

Thank you and have a great day!