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MSB Vermont Newsletter | May 2013



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MSB is pleased to announce that Kim Tortoriello recently accepted the position of Sr. Program Specialist.  Kim has spent the majority of her time with MSB as a Program Specialist in Maine and Vermont, and will now be leading MSB's Program Specialist teams in New Hampshire and Massachusetts as well.   

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Directors Corner
kim and violet
Kim and her daughter, Violet

Kim Tortoriello, Senior Program Specialist

As the end of the school year approaches, a shared refrain can often be heard among educators: "There are just not enough hours in the day!" Perhaps we can help.  At MSB, we subscribe to the philosophy that it truly takes a village to raise a child. We take great pride in being part of your "village" through our partnership and we strive to relieve a bit of your administrative burden so educators may spend more time with kids. We are committed to this vision and believe the success of all our children depends on it.


Why not plan a little spring cleaning for your school district by meeting with your MSB Program Specialist?  We stand ready and determined to help your district maximize Medicaid reimbursement and find the tools that will make all of those varied tasks that educators juggle daily a little easier to manage.


Having worked as a Program Specialist in Maine for many years, I am looking forward to branching out and working more closely with our clients in Vermont within my new role as Senior Program Specialist.  As a parent and former teacher, I feel very fortunate to come in contact with such committed and inspired educators and administrators every day as I meet with our clients throughout New England. I'm looking forward to seeing you and helping you to find a few more hours in the day. Happy Spring! 

Changes in the School-Based Health Services Program

On February 14, 2013 the US Department of Education published final amendments to the federal regulations that govern parental consent requirements that apply when a school district seeks Medicaid reimbursement for health related services delivered to a child pursuant to an IEP.

New Parental Consent Requirement - Action Required

A new Release of Information form must be signed by the parent before services can be billed for any IEP written or amended 5/1/13 or later (this is based on the IEP meeting date or the date the parent was contacted regarding the IEP change). 
Click to download ROI - MAY 2013 & ROI 18yr - MAY 2013).  A letter must be provided to the parent/guardian explaining the Release of Information form.  This letter must include the language provided in the sample letter.

New Consent Statement on the IEP 

The Agency of Education is in the process of revising the consent statement on the IEP services page to comply with the new federal requirements for next school year.  The IEP consent has been changed to a statement.  A check stating "I give permission" will no longer be needed once the new statement appears on the IEP. If you are a current Adori client, we will notify you when these changes have been implemented.


FY14 Documentation Logs

New forms mandatory for Aug/Sept 2013 billing period.  These forms can be used for summer 2013. Click to download.  

New Service: List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE)
MSB is pleased to announce a new service for our Vermont customers! With provider information including names and dates of birth MSB is able to search for district employees that have been excluded from participating in Medicaid reimbursement programs. For more information please contact Steve Courter.  To read more about your district's responsibilities related to LEIE please visit the OIG's Exclusions FAQs.


  • Provide MSB with the date of the last day of school for your school district.
  • Verify current provider licenses (OT expires May, Special Educator June, and PT September) and submit updated copies to MSB.
  • Submit all service logs up through the May/June billing period and be sure you have signed and dated your documentation logs.
  • Please include progress notes on the May/June Related Services Documentation log (Speech, OT, PT, Nursing, Counseling, etc.).  If you are a current Adori client, be sure to enter in progress notes for May/June billing period. 
  • A new Personal Care Verification Form is needed for summer if summer personal care is different than school-year personal care.