MSB Maintenance Release | May 6, 2013  


MSB will be releasing an update to Adori and Lumea at approximately 6:00 PM on Monday, May 6, 2013.  The following items will be included in this release as well as some minor bug fixes.


District of Liability History (MA and NH only)

Previously the Student Details Work Space only offered one field for the District of Liability (DOL).  This update will allow districts to maintain a history of the Districts of Liability for each student.  By default, the existing DOL record for each student will be updated automatically to the new DOL History.  New DOL records can be added by clicking on the new "Add DOL Record" button found in the District of Liability History section of the Student Details Work Space.  Each DOL History record is dated to ensure Medicaid billing is properly applied to the correct District of Liability.  More information on the DOL History functionality can be found in the District of Liability History User Guide in the Help Menu.


Help Menu User Guides and Work Books

The User Guides section of the Help Menu has been updated to include the latest User Guides and Work Books for each product.  Supplemental User Guides for Professional Oversight and the new District of Liability History have also been provided. 

Update Desktop Shortcuts

While not part of the software update, we want to take this opportunity to ask that users ensure they are accessing Adori and Lumea via the correct web address.  Many users have desktop shortcuts that open Adori or Lumea directly.   The next time you access our programs via a desktop shortcut, please check the address in your web browser's address bar.  You should see  If you see something like, please delete that desktop shortcut and create a new one for


As always, please clear your browser's cache (temporary internet files) following the release to ensure you are seeing the latest information. 


If you have questions regarding this release or need assistance, please contact MSB Customer Care at 800.810.4220 or via the Live Chat feature in the program.