MSB Community Email | March 18, 2013  


Microsoft has recently released its latest web browser, Internet Explorer 10, for Windows 7.  Unfortunately, not all the bugs have been worked out of this new browser.  The browser is unable to properly display the MSB login page, preventing IE10 users from logging in to Adori or Lumea. 


For this reason, we recommend that you do NOT install Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 on your windows PC.   Microsoft will be pushing this update to Windows users through automatic Windows updates.  According to Microsoft, "There will be no notification or prompt to indicate the installation process".   If Internet Explorer 10 is installed on your machine, whether by choice or not, we recommend using another browser like Google Chrome to access Adori and Lumea until Microsoft works out the bugs in Internet Explorer 10. 


If you have any questions regarding the installation of Internet Explorer 10 or how to prevent or reverse its installation, we recommend that you speak with your school's IT personnel.    If you have any questions relating to Adori or Lumea, please contact MSB Customer Care at 800.810.4220 or via the Live Chat feature in the program.  





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